Signature Event Registration Information for Teams


2023-2024 Signature Event Release Schedule


Task / Activity

On or immediately after VEX Worlds

All Signature Events Revealed to Public

May 12, 2023

All Signature Events posted on

  • Events open for Early Bird registration 16 weeks prior to the event at 12:00PM EST
  • Standard Registration opens 14 weeks prior to the event
  • Note: August/September events may have a shorter release schedule depending on the event date relative to VEX Worlds


Registering for a Signature Event

  • All REC Foundation Signature Events will follow the Release Schedule listed in the Application section
  • All Signature Events will have a specific Early Bird Registration that is independent of all local/regional Early Bird systems
    • Each team starts the season with three (3) opportunities to register during the Signature Event Early-Bird period
      • An opportunity is taken away each time the team registers for a Signature Event, whether during the Signature Event Early-Bird period or Standard period
      • A Signature Event Early-Bird opportunity is not taken away if a team registers for a tournament hosted by their school or organization (where the team’s coach is the Event Partner)
    • Early Bird Registration will open 16 weeks before the event at 12:00PM EST
      • Note: Modifications to this may be made for events in August and September
    • Standard Registration will open 14 weeks before the event at 12:00PM EST
    • An Event Partner may register their own teams to their Signature Event during Signature Event Early Bird Registration no matter how many other Signature Events they are already registered for  
      • The Event Partner must be the Primary Contact for the teams they are registering
  • Team Swapping is not allowed within 10 days of the event
  • If additional capacity is needed because a team is moved to the waitlist, or the Event Partner wants to increase capacity, the process outlined in the Waitlist article in the REC Library will be followed.
    • The Event Partner will work with the Event Engagement Manager and/or the Director of Regional Operations - Event Engagement on this process
    • The waitlist will be sorted, and teams will be added in the following order:
      1. Number of Signature Event registrations (least to greatest)
      2. Date/Time a team was placed on the waitlist