VEX Worlds Inspection Process 2024

Robot inspection is a key component of the VEX Robotics World Championship that ensures teams are competing within the restrictions laid out in the Robot section of the Game Manual. Teams will not be able to utilize the Practice Fields or the Skills Area until their robot has passed inspection. 

Because of the scale of the VEX Robotics World Championship, we ask that teams follow the process outlined below for a smooth inspection experience. This process has changed slightly from last season, so please read carefully.

  • Acquire the official inspection checklist, linked below. If necessary, additional copies will be available at your division queuing area.
  • As a team, pre-inspect your robot and fill out your inspection checklist. Verify that the correct team number is at the top of the page. A student and a coach must sign the appropriate fields at the bottom of the checklist, acknowledging that they have read and understand the game manual, Q&As, Code of Conduct, and Student-Centered Policy, and certifying that the robot meets all the requirements of the inspection document.
  • Students should bring their robot, controllers, and completed inspection checklist to the queuing area at their assigned division.
  • Inspection volunteers will complete a simplified inspection process to verify the team’s pre-inspection, including checking the robot’s size, number of motors, and firmware version.
  • Teams that pass inspection will leave their inspection checklist with the volunteers at the division.
  • Teams that do not pass inspection will retain their inspection checklist. After completing any necessary modifications in their pit area, they can return to the division queuing area to be inspected again.

Program-Specific Reminders


V5 Brains must be updated to VEXos version 1.1.2 with the team number set correctly.


VEX IQ 1st Generation must be updated to VEXos version 2.2.1.

VEX IQ 2nd Generation must be updated to VEXos version 1.0.8.

Inspection Checklists




Additional Notes

  • All robots are subject to inspection at any time by Head Referees and other event staff, as described in rule <R3c> in the game manual. 
    • Expect additional inspections at random in your divisions. 
    • Any robot not in compliance may be restricted from competing in a match until it has passed inspection.
  • The most common item of failure is sizing. If your team makes any adjustments to their robot that may affect size, please use the Inspection tools found outside the Inspection area to check the robot to avoid possible complications in their division.
  • Check the robot against all expansion limits in the game manual to make sure that it remains within the legal limits during matches. This won’t prevent the robot from passing inspection, but will prevent violations during matches.
  • Coaches will initial the Team verification section.