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Welcome to the Aerial Drone Competition event page! If you are a drone team ready to sign up for a competition or an Event Partner looking to host an event, you’ve come to the right place.

Aerial Drone Competition events are exciting opportunities for participants to hone their piloting and programming skills while working together as a team to best their rivals. These events are a true learning experience where teamwork, progressive iteration, and precision are paramount to success. Aerial Drone Competition events take place across the country and throughout the year, with non-qualifying scrimmages and qualifying tournaments leading up to Aerial Drone Championship Events at the conclusion of the season. 

To register for upcoming Aerial Drone Competition Events, visit to find an event near you.

Events would not be possible without Event Partners (EPs)! EPs are individuals who work with a team to organize scrimmages, tournaments, leagues and even informational workshops. Their dedication to the Aerial Drone Competition program is unrivaled, and they are passionate about ensuring teams have the most fun and rewarding experience possible at their events. Does this sound like you? The REC Foundation is always looking for new EPs, so reach out to us to get started.

A huge thank you to teams and Event Partners past, present, and future, and we hope to see you flying this season! 

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our team at

Louann Cormier
Senior Program Manager
Aerial Drone Competition