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Volunteer Roles and Descriptions for an Aerial Drone Competition

Volunteers are the lifeblood of competitions.  We rely on referees to keep things fair, emcees to keep things exciting and queries to keep things on schedule. Volunteering at a competition is easy to learn, fun to do and rewarding for everyone involved. 

To find an event near you, visit If you have specific questions about a particular event, reach out to the event partner listed for that event.  

Key Volunteers

These are volunteers who will be your TEAM to help you run the event.  Your Key Volunteers should be trusted people you know and can count on.

Head Referee

  • Interprets and consistently enforces the rules of the game
  • Trains and supports scorekeeper referees & field resetters

Judge Advisor

  • Ensures all judging is done in compliance with the Judges Guide
  • Trains and supports judges

Tournament Manager Operator

  • Understands how to use TM Software to initiate matches, record scores, and manage displays
  • Works with Emcee to keep event flowing smoothly

Volunteer Coordinator

  • Helps all Key Volunteers recruit and organize volunteers
  • Supports volunteer and team check-in stations
  • Often this volunteer may serve as an “assistant to the EP” on the day of the event. The “go to person” when EP needs help.


Volunteer Role Number Needed Tasks
Scorekeeper Referee

1 per Teamwork Competition Field

1 per Skills Field

Record and verify scores using paper score sheets or tablets. Discuss possible rule violations with the Head Referee after the match. Ensure the field is reset and drones are ready for the next match.
Judges 2 for every 8-10 teams Evaluate student teams through interviews, Competition Logbooks and on field performance. 
Queuers 1 per field plus one in Pit Area (if in a different room) Assist teams in getting to the correct fields on time for matches.
Emcee 1 Provides the play-by-play during the event and shares information between matches. 
Field Resetter 1-2 per field Help reset the field in between matches.
Set up/Break down many hands make light work  

Volunteer Recruitment for an Aerial Drone Competition

Reaching out to the community is a great way to recruit volunteers, promote your organization and the Aerial Drone Competition Program. Here are some suggestions on where to find volunteers:

Parents, Teachers, School Administrators, Mentors and Siblings

Volunteering can be a family affair! Younger siblings are often good at Field Reset.

Schools, College, Universities

Classes, honor societies, sororities and fraternities may have community service requirements for membership, scholarships and graduation.  Check out clubs and groups, college of engineering and ROTC programs for assistance. Give your local Army recruiter a table in exchange for providing volunteers. Pre-service tech and student teachers are also ideal candidates for volunteering.

Partner with Local Schools

Contact nearby schools and agree to do a volunteer swap. They provide volunteers for your event and you provide volunteers for their event.

Local Businesses and Sponsors

Reach out to local tech companies who may be interested in supporting STEM learning in their community.  Other companies also use events for a team building experience. Reach out to the HR department and ask if they have a volunteer program for employees

Community Groups, Organization Chapters, Church Groups

Check with your local maker community, TechSoup, Local UAW, NSBE, IEEE, SWE, Chamber of Commerce, Library, etc.

Employee Programs and Corporate Responsibility

Many local and national chains have community service and philanthropy goals, and employee volunteering is part of their culture. Some even provide a grant donation to your event if you get so many volunteers from their location.

Helpful Hint: Event Partners can request that each team attending their event provide 1 or 2 volunteers. A few positions like Judges and Referees require that there is a level of impartiality so outside non-affiliated volunteers are critical to the integrity of the event. If finding non-affiliated volunteers isn’t possible, endeavor to provide Judges and Referees that represent multiple organizations from the event.