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Note: As we prepare for Mission 2024 launch on September 7, 2023, many of our documents are being updated.  Those documents are listed in this article in red.  Check back soon for updated materials or reach out to us at for questions.


This document provides an overview of the Field Reset volunteer role, including expectations, skills required, and recommended training.  Field Reset volunteers assist the Head Referee with resetting the Aerial Drone Competition field after each match. 

  • Experience Level: Beginner (Tip: Students with high energy and younger children do well in this role.)
  • Physical Activity: High (Constant standing or walking)

Skills Needed

  • No experience required
  • Ability to review field diagrams to place game objects in correct locations on the competition field
  • Move quickly around the field
  • Good listening skills


When the “all clear” signal is given by the Referees, accurately reset scoring objects and game elements on the field.


  • Study the Field Diagrams in the competition manual (coming September 7, 2023) for exact object placements.

On Event Day

  • Wear comfortable clothes that are appropriate for a school related event, closed toe shoes, socks, and a volunteer t-shirt (if provided).
  • Sign in at Volunteer Check-in, then report to the Head Referee or Field Manager in the game field area.
  • Report to the game field area 30 minutes before the practice and qualification matches begin. Between matches, sit in the assigned area for Field Reset volunteers.
  • If there are practice matches, you should practice resetting the fields between those matches.