Tournament Manager Operator at an Aerial Drone Competition

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This document provides an overview of the Tournament Manager (TM) Operator volunteer role, including expectations, skills required, and recommended training. TM Operators are responsible for using Tournament Manager Software to initiate matches, record scores, and display match results and awards information at appropriate times.

  • Experience Level: Intermediate
  • Physical Activity: Low (Mostly sitting)

Skills Needed

  • Experienced volunteers are preferred, but new volunteers can be trained in advance
  • Comfortable using a computer
  • Pay attention to detail


  • Understand whether field control is separate from scorekeeping or combined.
  • Confirm the event has been properly set up in the TM software.
  • Verify the system is operating properly.
  • Verify the proper information is on the proper display.
  • Maintain sight lines with the Emcee or Head Referee.
  • Start Matches with coordination from Emcee or Head Referee.
  • Confirm the scores from the score tablets or paper score sheets after each match and coordinate with the Emcee or Head Referee to display match results at appropriate times.
  • Manage the alliance selection process and create Finals matches.
  • Fill and display award slides.
  • Be cognizant of the time cycle of matches and work closely with the rest of the field team to stay on schedule.

Training & Preparation

  • Get familiar with how matches are run. It is helpful to attend a local event prior to volunteering
  • Review the articles in the section Using Tournament Manager Software
    • Please be aware that these articles are written for our VEX Robotics Tournaments.  95% of it is exactly the same, but there are minor differences.  If you have questions, reach out to our support team at

On Event Day

  • Dress Code: Wear comfortable team-neutral clothing that is appropriate for a school related event, closed toe shoes, and a volunteer shirt (if provided).
  • Arrival: Sign in at Volunteer Check-in, then report to the Field Manager in the game field area for your assigned field.
  • Location: Report to your game field at least 30 minutes before the practice and qualification matches begin.
  • Review: A short on-site training may be provided to coordinate match flow with the Emcee and Head Referee, and discuss other match related procedures.


Before matches begin, you will need to print the match list once the team list is final. Determine how many match lists you need to print, and who gets them (Emcees each get a copy, and others may need copies as well).

During the event, use the Tournament Manager software to initiate matches. Work with the Emcees to coordinate when you are ready to start the match.  After each match, record scores collected from the Referees for all programs.

Coordinate with the Emcees to display match results at appropriate times between matches. Take match start/stop queues from the Emcee or Head Referee 

Pay close attention at the start of a match in case a match must be aborted.

  • Remember the sequence of posting appropriate information on the different screens that the system is controlling (on-deck, current match, match results, rankings, etc.).
  • Be cognizant of the match cycle time being run at this event. During the early matches focus on this to prevent time being lost needlessly. Once the team working the field finds its rhythm, things should progress smoothly.

After the qualification matches are completed:

  • Print Qualification and Skills Rankings for Judges.
  • Coordinate with the Emcee and Field Manager to run the alliance selection process. The Event Partner will indicate the number of alliances based upon the current Game Manual instructions. Create Finals matches after the alliance selection process is complete.
  • Run Finals matches (similar to running Qualification matches).

After Finals matches are completed:

  • Coordinate with the Judge Advisor to fill in judged award winners in the Awards tab. Use the “Auto-fill” button to fill in performance-based award winners.
  • Create the appropriate Award slides in the Awards tab. Coordinate with the Emcee to display Award slides during the awards ceremony.

After the event, save the Tournament Manager file and coordinate with the Event Partner to upload the results to