Alumni Program Announcements for January 2024

These special announcements should be included in commentary during all events in January 2024.


"The REC Foundation would like to give a special welcome to all of our program Alumni. We are glad to have you in attendance."

Sign Up

"All alumni are invited to sign up to become a member of the REC Foundation Alumni Association. Search for Alumni Association at for more information.

"Members receive a quarterly newsletter with current scholarship and internship information as well as volunteering opportunities and new program information. It's a great way to stay involved in robotics!"

Photo Op

"At the conclusion of our last match just prior to lunch we would like to invite all of our alumni to gather at the field for a photo."

Thank You Notes

"We would like to invite all alumni to write a thank you note for a teacher or coach who inspired you while you competed in our programs."

Alumni Interviews

If there is time between matches, interview the alumni in attendance.

  • Are they attending college/university? Where?
  • If they have finished school and are part of the work force, what they do? Who they work for?
  • What did they learn in our programs that they still use?