Quick Guide and Links to Resources for Event Partners

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This page has the information and links to key information Event Partners will need for their Aerial Drone Competition.  We encourage you to read through all the posted documents and attend one of our training webinars. Training webinars are available for Head Referees, Judge Advisors, and Event Partners.  Visit RobotEvents.com to register for an upcoming session.

99% of your questions will be answered by reading through these documents and/or attending a training.

If you need additional training or support, The Aerial Drone Competition support team is here to help guide you to a successful event. Reach out to us at drones@recf.org.

The REC Library

The REC library is full of articles and resources for Event Partners. Our team is adding additional information regularly, so be sure to check back.  

  • For Coaches and Team information, click on the Aerial Drone Competition Logo.
  • For Event Partner information, click on the Event Partner image.
  • For Volunteer information, click on the Volunteer image.

Things to Print Before the Event

For Referees, Inspectors, and Field Re-setters

For Judges

Each Judge should get a packet with the following

For the Judge Advisor

Print using Tournament Manager Functions

Team List

List of teams for check in, inspectors, judges, and other key volunteers.


Pit Table Signs

If using assigned pit tables, you can print pit signs from Tournament Manager with team numbers to assign tables to teams. 

Match Schedules

Once teams are all checked in, you will want to print out match schedules to hand out to the teams, judges and queuers.

Tournament Manager/Display Set Up

Every venue and every event is a little different, so the layout may vary from location to location. These slides will review the basic setup. If you are new to events, keep it simple with one or two displays. As you gain experience, you can add more displays and set ups.  Below is one sample set up.



At a minimum you should have:

  • A computer with Tournament Manager installed connected to a large display (projector or TV)
  • A couple of tablets with TM Mobile Installed for scorekeeping
  • A printer connected to the computer to print match schedules (have extra toner/paper on hand)

Other Items

PA system/microphone with extra batteries to use during the event

Water/snacks for volunteers

Pens, clipboards, sticky notes