Tournament Manager for Leagues for Aerial Drone Competition

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First Session

Make sure your computer is connected to the Internet before creating the first league session. The team list, awards list, and league dates/venues are downloaded from when the first league session is created.

Make sure you have a USB flash drive handy to save a copy of the tournament.

  1. Log into, click Admin, click Events, and click View for your league event.
  2. Record the Event Code and the TM code. You will need these to set up TM.
  3. Start TM and click Create a New Tournament. Navigate to a known folder on your computer, then type a name for the file and click Save.
    • IMPORTANT! The same TM file MUST be used for every league session including finals. You MUST know the name and location of this file.
  4. Welcome: Read the welcome page then click Next.
  5. Event Code Setup: Check Event is listed on Enter the Event Code and TM Code from Step 2 and click Next.
  6. The available league sessions will show in a pop-up window. Select the first session and click Continue.
  7. Program Type: Verify the program type is selected and click Next.
  8. Tournament Type: Most leagues select Small Tournament. Select Medium or Large if appropriate and click Next.
  9. General Setup: The Event Name is filled-in with the name from; you may change it if you wish. Enter a unique password and click Next. Note: The password is used for TM web server functions or to connect another computer to this instance of TM.
  10. Game Scoring Configuration: Make sure the current game is selected and click Next.
  11. Team List: Verify the teams have been downloaded from Robot Events or import teams from the appropriate CSV file from and click Next.
  12. Teams at League Session, Check in: Select teams if they have checked in. If teams are still checking in, leave all the boxes checked. If some teams are not present when check in ends, you can use the Team Check In feature and rerun the match schedule later. Click Next.
  13. Elimination/Finals Match Setup, Field Set, Skills Challenges, Pit Display Setup: The default values should work for most leagues. If skills will be offered at any of the ranking or finals sessions be sure to add at least one Skills Challenge field. Refer to the League Play Guide for recommendations on these settings. Adjust if needed.
  14. Schedule Setup: Adjust the schedule for the expected number of teams and the time for the league session. Refer to the League Play Guide for recommendations on the number of matches to be played during ranking sessions.
  15. Create Matches, Awards Setup, Web Publishing Setup, Setup Complete: The default values should work for most leagues. Adjust if needed.
  16. If some teams are not present when check in ends:
    • Click the Team List tab, click on a team that is not present, on the right-hand side uncheck the Checked In box and click Save. Repeat for each team that is not present.
    • Click Tools, Regenerate Match Schedule, read the welcome screen and click Next. Under Checked In Teams at the top of the screen, select Exclude nn teams that have not checked in. Adjust the match schedule if needed and click Next.
    • Click Create Qualification Matches then click Next and Finish to complete the new match schedule.
  17. Print the Match List and Announcer Sheets and run the matches.
  18. When the matches for this session are complete, save a copy of the TM file on a USB flash drive. Click File, Save Copy of Tournament, navigate to the USB drive and click Save.
    • IMPORTANT! You MUST use the TM file from this session to start the next session. If you will be using the same computer for the next session you can use the TM file on this computer’s hard drive. If you will be using a different computer for the next session, you can use the copy of the TM file that was just saved to a USB flash drive.
    • IMPORTANT! DO NOT create a new tournament (a new TM file) for each session. Doing so will prevent match results and rankings from carrying over to the next session.
  19. You may also save log files or export event data (File menu) and save to the USB flash drive.
  20. Click File, Upload Results to Do not check Finalize; that is only done after Finals are complete. Click Upload Now to upload the results of this session to
  21. View the event on to ensure the data has been properly uploaded. Contact your RSM if you see any errors or if you have questions.

Subsequent Sessions (Not Finals)

  1. Open the TM League File from the previous session:
    • If using the same computer that was used for the previous session: Start TM, click Open an existing tournament, locate the TM file that was used for the previous session and highlight it, then click Open.
    • If using a different computer than was used for the previous session: Copy the TM file from the USB flash drive to a known location on the computer’s hard drive. Start TM, click Open an existing tournament, locate the TM file that was used for the previous session and highlight it, then click Open.
    • IMPORTANT! You MUST use the TM file that was used for the previous session. Failure to do so will prevent match results and rankings from carrying over from the previous session.
  2. Select the appropriate league session from the list and click Continue.
  3. Step through the wizard and adjust settings as needed for the new session. You can refer to the previous instructions for help. The settings from the previous league session will be the default.
  4. Schedule Setup: Add qualification matches for this ranking session. This should be the same number of matches as the other ranking sessions.
  5. Setup Complete: If Preserve skills challenge scores is shown, make sure it is checked to ensure skills scores are saved from previous ranking sessions. Click Finish to complete the wizard.
  6. Repeat Steps 16-21 from the First League Session instructions above.

Finals Session

  1. Repeat Steps 1-5 from the Subsequent League Ranking Sessions instructions above but do not create any qualification matches.
  2. Verify Team Ranking: After completing the setup wizard for the League Finals session, click the Rankings tab and verify the qualification rankings are correct before starting the Alliance Selection.
  3. Verify Alliance Settings: Click Tools, Options, Finals to verify the number of teams/alliances in the finals. 
  4. Print Announcer Sheets for alliance selection, enter alliance selections, and finalize alliances.
  5. Print the Announcer Sheets and run the Elimination Matches. Continue with step 6 below.
  6. When the Judges are finished selecting judged award winners, select the Awards tab and enter all judged award winners. If desired, select Auto Fill Winners to enter the Skills winners, print selected Award Ceremony Scripts, and present selected awards between elimination/finals matches. 
  7. When the elimination/finals matches are finished, select the Awards tab, Auto Fill Winners, print remaining Award Ceremony Scripts, and present the remaining awards. The Excellence Award is the highest judged award and is presented last. 
  8. Repeat steps 16-21 from the First League Session above.
  9. Celebrate!