Bell Advanced Vertical Robotics Competition

In the Bell Advanced Vertical Robotics Competition, presented by the REC Foundation in partnership with Bell, students use hands-on, industry-standard tools to design, build, and compete against teams from around the US with the most advanced aerial robotics technology available today. Participation in the Bell Advanced Vertical Robotics Competition prepares students for tomorrow’s STEM workforce needs on the ground and in the sky. Visit the Bell competition website for more information about this growing program!


Bell Advanced Vertical Robotics is not your typical robotics competition!

  • 7-student Drive Team (5-7 minute matches!)
  • August - December build & event season
  • Mechanical design & 3D printing
  • Electronics & soldering
  • Building & piloting advanced aerial drones
  • Coding for machine vision & autonomy
  • Robots on the ground, plus drones in the air - at the same time!

Over the course of a single season, students will have:

  • Built, programmed, and flown the most advanced drone available in competition robotics
  • Designed, 3D printed, and implemented their own robotic components 
  • Soldered and wired on-board electronic components 
  • Learned how industry aerospace experts code for aerial kinematics 
  • Overcome the challenges of “in the field” systems integration
  • Utilized project management skills to balance development cycles of ground and aerial robots
  • Delivered technical presentations to compete for judged awards