Get Started with a VIQC Hero Bot

Each year, a VEX IQ Hero Bot is designed to provide teams with a starting point to play the current VEX IQ Competition game. It is intended for experienced teams to be able to quickly assemble a robot to investigate the game's dynamics. New teams can also use the Hero Bot to learn valuable building skills and have a robot they can customize to compete with early in the season.


The Hero Robot:

  • is intended to be a starting place for new teams.
  • is not intended to be a winning robot.
  • is not capable of scoring in every way that is allowed by the game.
  • only uses the parts found in the VEX IQ Starter Kit (1st generation) or VEX IQ Competition Kit (2nd generation)

Build Instructions

Build instructions for the all VEX IQ Hero Bots are located in the VEX Robot Build Library.  A new Hero Bot is added to the Robot Build library and the VEX Mechanical > Competition Robots Knowledge Base following the new game announcement at the annual VEX World Championships event.