VIQRC Field Reset Tips and Diagrams

VIQRC Full Volume Field Reset

  • When the “all clear” signal is given by the Referees, reset the field as shown with purple, green, and red blocks arranged in the correct on-field positions, and 31 blocks (8 purple & 23 green) randomly mixed on the field floor within the supply zone.
    • Some fields may include flat IQ pegs to mark the positions of on-field blocks.
    • If a container (box, plastic bin, etc.) is available, it can be used to mix up the blocks for the supply zone to ensure randomization.
    • Once the blocks have been dumped into the supply zone, ensure that they're all sitting flat on the field and are entirely within the supply zone. Blocks can't be stacked, tilted, or extending beyond the PVC pipe into the field.
  • Double check that the goals, pegs, and supply zone remain firmly connected to the field.
  • Be careful not to step on the field, as breakage may occur.