This document provides an overview of the Inspector volunteer role, including expectations, skills required, and recommended training. Inspectors are responsible for determining if robots are constructed within the rules outlined in the Game Manuals. All teams must pass inspection before competing.

Experience Level: Intermediate

Physical Activity: Moderate (Mix of sitting and walking)

Skills Needed:

  • This role is best served by ages 18 and up
  • Effective decision maker
  • Confident and projects authority
  • Thorough knowledge of the applicable robot rules and product lines (VIQRC/IQ & V5RC/V5)
  • Basic knowledge of robot construction
  • Strong communication and diplomacy skills
  • Ability to collaborate with others as a team
  • Attention to detail



  • Conduct inspections to verify the robots comply with the rules and specifications outlined in the official game manual.
  • Use the Robot Inspection Checklist to ensure compliance.
  • Confirm any questionable judgment calls with the Head Referee.
  • Work with teams that are having difficulties to help them pass inspection.
  • Perform re-inspections of teams who have modified their robots.

Training & Preparation

  • Get familiar with how VIQRC and/or V5RC matches are run, based on the specific event you will volunteer for. It is helpful to attend a local event prior to volunteering.
  • Review the official game manual linked above, paying special attention to The Robot section. Review the inspection checklist for your program and any other training materials provided for Inspectors at REC Foundation > Volunteers, which may include documents, examples, and training videos.

On Event Day

Dress Code: Wear comfortable team-neutral clothing that is appropriate for a school related event, closed toe shoes, and a volunteer shirt (if provided).

Arrival: Sign in at Volunteer Check-in, then report to the Lead Inspector. If you are the Lead Inspector, report to the Volunteer Coordinator or Event Partner.

Location: Report to the inspection tables at least 30 minutes prior to team check-in for your event. Refer to the event schedule for exact timing. Report early so you do not miss on-site training.

Supplies: Pen, clipboard, Team List, Inspection Checklists, Game Manual, Official Robot Sizing Tool, measuring tape, #32 & #64 rubber bands as a comparison tool for reference, labels or stick-on dots for robots passing inspection, extra official robot license plates, laptop using TM software.