VRC Field Reset Tips and Diagrams

VRC Field Reset

  • From the audience's perspective, the red Alliance Station should always be on the left and the blue Alliance Station on the right.
  • When the “all clear” signal is given by the Referees, reset the Discs in the field and alliance stations, and return all four (4) rollers to their starting positions. Refer to the notes and diagrams below, noting that some stacks include multiple Discs as marked.
    • Ensure tape is still firmly affixed to the Field Tiles
    • Check that the Barriers haven't shifted significantly
    • For Head-to-Head Matches, the color facing forward on all Rollers matches the Barrier on that side of the Field; For Skills Matches, all rollers start blue side up
    • For Skills Matches, put a total of nine (9) Discs in the red Alliance Station and seven (7) in the blue Alliance Station; the extra six (6) Preload Discs aren't used in Skills Matches
  • Be sure to remove shoes and wear socks when you step on the field tiles.