This document provides an overview of the Practice Field Official volunteer role, including expectations, skills required, and recommended training. Volunteers oversee the practice fields and ensure that all teams have access to practice time and proceed in an orderly fashion.

Experience Level: Beginner

Physical Activity: Moderate physical activity level (Mix of sitting and walking)

Skills Needed:

  • This role is best served by ages 18 and up
  • No experience required
  • Monitor students and keep order
  • Communicate effectively with authority



  • Manage practice fields for your assigned program, including queuing.
  • Ensure that all teams have access to practice time and proceed in an orderly manner.
  • Enforce time limits as needed.

Training & Preparation

  • Get familiar with the tournament format. It is helpful to attend a local event prior to volunteering, though not required.
  • Review the Game Manual and current game information for your assigned competition. The Official Game Manuals can be found online:

On Event Day

Dress Code: Wear comfortable team-neutral clothing that is appropriate for a school related event, closed toe shoes, and a volunteer shirt (if provided).

Arrival: Practice fields open before matches begin, so arrive early! Sign in at Volunteer Check-in, then report to the Volunteer Coordinator or Event Partner.

Location: Report to the practice field area as soon as the venue opens. Practice fields typically open 1 to 3 hours before qualification matches begin. Confirm exact times with the Event Partner.

Review: A brief, on-site training may be provided. Confirm your reporting time in advance and plan to arrive early.


Manage practice fields for your assigned program and ensure that all teams have access to practice time. Organize queuing lines if traffic is heavy. Observe teams and make sure practice time is used efficiently and fairly. Communicate with teams to ensure practice proceeds in an orderly fashion and enforce time limits (some events may provide on-field timers, while others may just use your watch or phone timer).