Judging Resource: Engineering Notebook Rubric


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Notebooks that are identified as Fully Developed by event Judges will be scored and ranked using the Engineering Notebook Rubric. Roughly the top 10 or top 20% of Fully Developed notebooks at an event, (whichever is greater) will be in consideration for the Design, Excellence and Innovate awards. They may be initially ranked according to their rubric scores, then be re-ranked according to further qualitative evaluation by Judges.

Judges should read through each notebook as the rubric is scored. There will likely not be enough time to do a full page-by-page close reading, so Judges should form overall impressions and use focused read-throughs for different criteria to generate an accurate score. If time and personnel permits, two or more Judges may wish to independently score each notebook. Finalist notebooks may be scored by an even larger panel of Judges.