Volunteer Management System Training Guide

This manual is a step-by-step guide to help you utilize the REC Foundation Volunteer Management System (VMS). If you have any questions, contact volunteer@roboticseducation.org.

First Time User

If you do not already have a login at RobotEvents.com, you will first need to create a user account for the VMS by clicking on Register and following all instructions.

If you already have a login at RobotEvents.com, you can associate it with a new user ID in VMS by going to https://volunteers.robotevents.com, selecting Login and choosing Login with RobotEvents.com.


Returning User

If you previously volunteered and have a user ID in the VMS, you may still need to link to your RobotEvents account in order for your event to connect with volunteers through the VMS. To link the accounts, first log into the VMS, then select the “My Account” tab, and “Link Account to RobotEvents” as highlighted in the image below.


Email to Request an Event in VMS

Once your accounts are linked and your event has been approved in RobotEvents, email volunteer@roboticseducation.org and the Volunteer Care Team (VCT) will create your event in the VMS. The primary contact in RobotEvents is assigned automatically as the event administrator in the VMS. If you wish to assign additional delegates, notify us at volunteer@roboticseducation.org.

Follow the step-by-step process detailed here to manage, recruit, and track your volunteers for each event.

Accessing Your Event in VMS

Once your event is linked to the VMS, you will see an Admin tab on the home page as highlighted below.


On the Admin Home Page, select Events on the left side of your screen:


The Events page will list your event(s). Select Edit on the event you wish to edit.



Selecting Edit takes you to the Details of your event by default. The Event Details page includes the name, start date, end date, and an option to add a logo.



The VMS has standard roles automatically established and available for every event. Each standard role includes detailed information about the role and downloadable resources (if applicable). Note: This page is accessed by clicking the house icon in the upper left of the admin screen. Click “Admin” to return to the Admin Home Page.

Optional: As the dedicated Event Partner, you can also add additional roles that are specific to your event by going to the Roles tab in your event and selecting +Add Role at the top right as shown below.


Complete the section with the name of the new role, a description, volunteer check-in access, and age requirements. Select Save.


Note: The Delete button in the danger area will delete the role ONLY if no volunteers are assigned to it.


Adding a Division name is recommended even if your event will not include multiple divisions. For this example, we set up three divisions: Check In, Skills, and Division A.


Select +Add Division, type a name for the division, and Select Save. Repeat for all divisions.



There are two options to build shifts: Add Shift or Upload Shifts (templates coming soon).


Add Shifts: To add a shift, select +Add Shift and complete the page. Select Save.

Example: In the above example, the role of Check-In Assistant is added to the “Check-In” Division. Three volunteers are needed, and the shift time is from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.


Assigning a Volunteer

Once you have created all of your shifts, then you can start assigning volunteers to shifts as they register. There are multiple ways to assign shifts. First is through the “Division Assignment” Tab.


The above example shows all roles in the “Assigned Volunteers” column. This lists either the names of volunteers that are already assigned or the words “Assignment Needed.” To assign from here, select “Assignment Needed” and a drop-down menu appears of all available volunteers for the role.

The second way to assign a volunteer (or to look at a volunteer’s availability) is through the Volunteers Tab:


This screen lists ALL volunteers who have registered for your event. Choose a volunteer by selecting “Edit” next to their name. For each volunteer, there are three different tabs: Schedule, Registration, and Manage Shifts (default tab.)


On the Manage Shifts tab, all available shifts for this volunteer are listed. Also listed are the quantity of volunteers for that role needed at the event, and the number unfilled. Select “Assign” to the right of the role you wish to assign this volunteer.

For more detail, the Registration Tab will list what this volunteer selected when registering.


In the above example, Taunja Test selected all roles and is available from 10:00 am – 8:00 pm, which happens to be the full length of the day. By default, the system sets the availability time bar for the roles at set up.

Once a selection is made for a volunteer, their schedule updates under the Schedule Tab.


The above example shows Taunja Test assigned as an Inspector from 10:00 am –11:59 am and then as an Emcee from 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm.

Removing a Volunteer

To remove a volunteer from an event, select “Volunteers” from the column on the right and then select “Edit” next to the volunteer’s name. Select the toggle button in the upper righthand corner of the “Manage Shifts” tab. Select “Remove Registration.


This removes the volunteer from this event, but NOT from the database.


Note: All shifts must be unassigned before the volunteer is removed.



This tab includes an event description and text for automated emails that are sent by the VMS.

Description of event: Used to display general information about your event.

Registration mail body: Sent to users when they register for the event.

Assigned mail body: Sent to users when they are assigned a shift. VMS will automatically include details about what date/time/role they are assigned.

Reminder mail body: Sent to volunteers several days before the event and again several hours before their shift starts. VMS will automatically include details about their assigned date/time/role.




Go to Check-In

This tab can be used to check volunteers in as they arrive at your event. Search for volunteer and check in!



For questions about the VMS, please email volunteer@roboticseducation.org.