Introduction to Live Remote Tournament (LRT) Gameplay

The REC Foundation's Live Remote Tournament is a one-of-a-kind system that allows your team to compete from your home location instantaneously with and against other teams from anywhere in the world without the expenses of travel. Similar to a typical in-person tournament, a Live Remote Tournament is a one-day event that features Qualification Matches followed by Finals. A Live Remote Tournament event is a great option for those wanting to compete when an in-person event isn't available at the time and/or location convenient for your team. Teams need a laptop with internet, a webcam, game field/elements & robot.

Teams participating in Live Remote Tournaments must be proactive and detail oriented in preparing for and participating in these events. Many aspects of the competition that are handled by volunteers at in-person events, including proper field setup, field reset, and ensuring teams are on time for matches are responsibilities that now fall to team members and their designated adult team Facilitator (the coach or other responsible adult who will be supervising students during the event). Failure to follow proper procedures may result in delays to the event and/or an inability of a team to participate in the event.

In a Live Remote Tournament, a VEX U Robotics Competition is played by two Alliancesone “red” and one “blue”each comprised of a single team. Each Team competes on a separate field (i.e., there are two Robots, two Teams, and two fields involved in each Match).

For the full game rules, please consult Appendix C of the current version of the current Game Manual, including the section on Live Remote Tournament Rules.

All student and adult participants must abide by the REC Foundation Student Centered Policy as noted in rule <G2>, and the REC Foundation Code of Conduct as noted in rule <G1> of the Game Manual.