Judging Changes for 2021-2022

This article describes changes made to the processes for Judging at VIQC, VRC, and VEX U events and is focused on the roles of Judge Advisors and Judges. 

  1. Revised criteria for the Additional Technical and Other Awards for VIQC, VRC, and VEX U. 
  2. The 5-point bonus for a bound notebook has been removed and replaced with a 5-point bonus for submissions of paper, printed, or digital submissions which include evidence that documentation was done in sequence with the design process. This change to the rubric is meant to allow Judges to award the 5-point bonus for submissions that provide appropriate evidence of sequential work irrespective of the notebook submission format. 
  3. The revised judging process articles provide the most recent judging information as of September 2021. Note that where there is any difference between these articles and the online Judge Certification course, the Knowledge Base articles will take precedence. 
  4. For VIQC, the STEM Research Project is no longer offered at events but is instead available as an Online Challenge.
  5. Skills-Only events may include Judged Awards, but those awards will not qualify teams directly to Regional Championships.
  6. The Excellence Award criteria for Skills-Only events does not include the qualification ranking criteria.
  7. Remote Judging options have been added.
  8. The Qualification Criteria now specifies that “Events that offer judging must provide the opportunity for all teams to have a judging interview.”