The key to a successful event is the preparation leading up to the event day. You want to make sure that you schedule your event as far in advance as possible. During an event, the EP should not have any specifically assigned volunteer role. The EP’s job is to make decisions and solve issues that arise, and this will be a full-time role. You want to make sure you spend the weeks leading up to the event getting as much done as possible so that the event planning process is less overwhelming, and you can address any issues ahead of time. Even the most experienced EP will run into unforeseen circumstances on the day of the event, so having as much planned out in advance makes it easier to adapt to the unexpected.

Event Planning Resources

As an EP, you will utilize two REC Foundation websites and the VEX Tournament Manager Software:

Event Planning Checklist

The Event Planning Checklist is a vital resource to assist in your event preparation. This checklist includes information related to VIQRC, V5RC, VAIRC, and VURC events, so not all tasks will apply to your event. It’s highly recommended to complete the tasks for your event program type in the suggested timeline. This will help spread out the tasks so that event planning is not overwhelming, and ensure everything is ready for your event.

Event Planning Checklist