The REC Foundation’s VEX U program is for students engaged in post-secondary robotic programs, and the VAIRC program is for advanced high school students as well as students engaged in post-secondary education. Many of these students have formerly competed in the VIQRC and VRC programs, and are a wealth of knowledge for EPs as well as teams. These students can serve as mentors, volunteers, and future EPs. You may want to solicit help from local VEX U and VAIRC teams for your VRC or VIQRC event.

VEX U and VAIRC tournaments are typically held in areas that contain a higher density of VEX U or VAIRC teams. Your EEM/RSM can help you determine if a VEX U or VAIRC event is appropriate for your region. VEX U and VAIRC tournaments are typically smaller than VRC events and are held using the same fields and game elements. VEX U and VAIRC EPs should follow the general guidelines for hosting a VRC event, however there are some rule changes specific to VEX U or VAIRC. Check Appendices C & D of the Game Manual for rule modifications for VEX U and VAIRC events.

Additionally, if there are not enough teams to host a VEX U or VAIRC tournament you can choose to allow the VEX U and VAIRC team(s) to run Robot Skills at your VRC event. The VEX U or VAIRC Robot Skills scores are recorded separately from the VRC event and submitted to your EEM/RSM after the event has concluded. VEX U and VAIRC teams often will volunteer at area VRC events as well.