Each VEX IQ Robotics Competition, VEX Robotics Competition, VEX AI Robotics Competition, and VEX U team must register as an official team and must register for all official events at RobotEvents.com. Therefore, Event Partners must post their events at RobotEvents.com and there is no charge to use the site. EPs incur the cost of hosting their events, and many of them ask teams for a registration fee to cover these costs. EPs may set a fee for their event when creating it in RobotEvents.com.

$5 Flat Fee

All event registrations made through RobotEvents.com include a flat $5 fee per registration. This fee structure does not cover all the costs of site maintenance, enhancements, processing, and accounting, but it does enable the REC Foundation to continue to make enhancements to the RobotEvents.com website and provide a positive experience for all our teams and partners using the site. Event Partners are encouraged to build this cost into their event fees. The REC Foundation continues to lead the industry as the most affordable program of its kind. With record growth, improvements must be made to ensure our program succeeds for years to come.

Event Fees

It is up to the Event Partner to determine what they need to charge to cover their local costs, but most one-day event fees range from $50-$100 per team and nearly all are less than $150 per team. Events that span more than one day, and events held at special locations may charge more. Most leagues charge as though a team is playing in a tournament.

Contact your REC Foundation Manager for more details, especially for teams outside the USA.