VIQC Event Meeting Announcements


The Event Meeting allows the Emcee, Event Partner, and/or Head Referee to share important information about the event and the venue. Everyoneincluding teams, coaches, referees, judges, and parentsshould attend the Event Meeting.

General Event Information

  • Welcome and Introduction of key volunteers, including the Event Partner and Head Referee
  • Share location of restrooms, concessions, and venue-specific rules and safety information.
  • Event emergency and evacuation plan
  • Adult team leaders are responsible for student safety and conduct at all times
  • Keep the pit area clean and organized for safety and easy repacking after the event
  • Teams are responsible for their equipment and materials
  • Practice fields – Teams should reset fields after use, share fields so all teams can practice, and limit time
  • Skills Challenges – Location(s) of Skills field(s); also, reminder of number of skills runs allowed and start/stop times
  • Engineering Notebooks – Submit labeled Engineering Notebooks to the check-in table before Match play
  • Agenda for the day – Start/stop times, breaks, special activities and their locations
  • Judges will recognize student-centered work – Judges will consider compliance with the REC Foundation Student-Centered policy for judged awards
  • Lowest scores are dropped This event includes ___ [insert number] Qualifying Matches for each Team, so the ___ [insert number] lowest score(s) for each team will not count toward the Teamwork rankings [4-7 rounds = 1 low score will not be counted; 8-11 rounds = 2 lowest scores not counted.; 12 or more rounds = 3 lowest scores not counted]. <T9>
  • Finals matches After all Qualifying Matches are complete, the top __ [insert number of teams] will participate in the Finals Matches. <T12>
  • Qualifications to the state/regional championship – This event will qualify ___ [insert number of teams] teams to advance to the ___ [insert name] championship event, including these award recipients: ___ [insert qualifying award names].

Rules Reminders for VIQC Slapshot

Rule <G1> and the Code of Conduct

  • Please keep the REC Foundation Code of Conduct in mind while competing today. Be respectful, stay professional, follow the rules, and we’ll have a great day. Coaches, if you haven’t reviewed the Code of Conduct with your students, please take a few minutes to do that after this meeting. You can find it on the REC Foundation website (and maybe an onsite banner—point it out if there’s one available).
  • If a team or any of its members are disrespectful or uncivil to event staff, volunteers, or fellow competitors, they may be Disqualified from a current Match, upcoming Match, or the entire event depending on the severity of the situation. Judges may also consider team conduct and ethics when determining awards. <G1>

VEX IQ is a Student-Centered Program

  • VIQC is a student-centered program. Adults may assist Students in urgent situations, but Adults may never work on or program a Robot without Students on that Team being present and actively participating. <G2>
  • The robot design, construction, and programming must represent the skill level of the team. <G4>

Before the Match

  • Get to the queuing table on time with a ready‐to‐drive robot and controller. If you can’t get your robot to a match, sending a drive team member will still get you points from the match. <T11><T17>
  • Double check that your robot has at least one clearly visible license plate. <R4>
  • Make sure your robot is in a legal starting position and configuration. <G5><R5>
  • Double-check the field setup and ask a referee to make adjustments before you indicate that you’re ready for the match to start. Please don’t touch game objects yourself! <G8>

During the Match

  • Be sure to switch drivers during the 10-second driver switch period; if only one driver from a team is at a match, that driver can only drive for the first 35 seconds of the match. <G6>
  • During the match, Drivers must remain in the Driver Station, except when legally interacting with their Robot. <G7>
  • Discs that leave the field during a match will not be returned. <G9>
  • If your robot needs to be rescued, put your controller on the ground before moving to grab the robot. Any discs being controlled by the robot are removed from the game, and when the robot has been repaired it should be returned to the field in a legal starting position (touching the starting wall and not touching any discs, etc.). <G12>
  • Remember that your robot may only extend over the Fence Line or expand horizontally beyond the 11”x19” starting limits if they are contacting an Expansion Zone. There are no "just for a moment" exceptions to these rules. <G13><G14>
  • Don’t contact discs that have fully crossed the Fence Line, even when you’re legally expanding. <G15>
  • Discs can only be scored by passing them underneath the Fence. <G16>
  • The match ends when the buzzer begins and the timer hits zero, and you should immediately stop controlling the robot. To make this very clear, we might ask you to put your controller on the floor outside of the field.

After the Match

  • After both teams have agreed to the score, a referee will let you know that you can grab your robot. Until then, please don’t touch the robot, field, or game elements.
  • Members of the drive team should bring up any concerns about a match with the Head Referee, citing a specific rule number. Look up the rule # and text and have it ready during the conversation. Feel free to plead your case if there’s a disagreement, but remember to be respectful and that the Head Referee’s final ruling is final. <T1>
  • Once you’ve left the Driver’s Box you’ve waived your right to any appeals. <T3>
  • The referees will only talk to the drive team members about matches and can’t look at videos of the match. Period. <T3>

Skills Matches

  • Each team will get a maximum of three driving skills matches and three programming skills matches, and it’s up to you to get in the queue to ensure you have time to get attempts in. <RSC4>
  • Size and starting requirements, including robot positions, still apply in Skills matches.
  • In a programming skills match, a team can reset their robot as many times as they want and return it to any legal starting position; any discs being controlled by the robot are removed from the field, and any discs in the new starting position should also be removed from the field. <RSC5>
  • In a driving skills match, drive team members must stay in their selected drivers box; in a programming skills match, drive team members can move around the field as needed. <RSC5d>

Share Feedback, and Have Fun!

  • Direct questions, concerns, or positive feedback to the Event Partner.

Enjoy your VEX IQ Competition experience! Thank you for your support!