How to Volunteer at Local Events

Select a Role

Identify the role(s) that best meets your interests, experience, or your willingness to try something new. Many volunteer roles do not require previous experience. A list of common volunteer positions is available in the Volunteer Roles Overview guide.

Find a Local Event

Go to to find an event near you using the following methods:

  • The 'Map of Local Events' page provides an interactive map interface for events in a region. The Competitions & Teams Map filter options in the upper left display listings by selected program(s), season, and location. Choose a country and optional sub-region to display events in that area. Click an icon on the map to display an event dialog popup and a 'Go to Event' button that links to more details. or click on the 'List' button to display basic info for all events in the region in a popup window.
  • Alternately, use the 'Robot Competitions' dropdown menu at to select a specific program, or click on one of the program icon blocks on the main page. This page lists all events for that program, and provides search options to narrow down results by region, grade level, and date. Click on an event name to display that event's details.

Contact the Event Partner

When you find an event that fits your location and availability and have navigated to its listing on, check the Volunteer tab to find information about volunteering for the event. If you have experience and preferences regarding volunteer roles, be sure to share those during signup.

Prepare for Your Role

Once you have confirmed your volunteer position assignment with the Event Partner or Volunteer Coordinator, carefully review the role guide document and training materials prior to your scheduled event. Guide documents along with other resources and training materials can be found at RECF Resources > Volunteers.

Arrive Early with your Consent Form

Print and sign the Participant Release Form. Arrive early enough to check in and attend any on-site training required.

Still have questions? Contact the Event Partner or Volunteer Coordinator listed for your specific event on