This document provides an overview of the Queuing volunteer role, including expectations, skills required, and recommended training. Queuing volunteers assist the Division/Field Manager and Head Referee with staging teams for upcoming matches.

Experience Level: Beginner

Physical Activity: Moderate physical activity level (Mix of sitting and walking)

Skills Needed:

  • No experience required
  • Communicate effectively
  • Pay attention to detail
  • Stay organized in fast-paced environment



  • Line up (queue) teams for each match and route them from the queuing tables to the game field to help keep matches on schedule.
  • Ensure robots are in order according to the Match List report and aligned with the correct game field.
  • For V5RC matches, ensure robots have the correct color of license plates based on their alliance assignment.
  • Ensure that no more than two students per team go to the field for each VIQRC match, and no more than three students per team for each V5RC match.

Training & Preparation

  • Read this Guide document and get familiar with how matches are run. It is helpful to attend a local event prior to volunteering if you are able.

On Event Day

Dress Code: Wear comfortable clothes that are appropriate for a school related event, closed toe shoes, and volunteer t-shirt (if provided).

Arrival: Sign in at Volunteer Check-in, then report to the Head Referee.

Location: Report to your assigned field area 30 minutes before qualification matches begin. Queuing is located at the tables near the game fields.

Review: If there are practice matches, use them to practice queuing. A short on-site review may be provided by the Field Manager as needed.

Supplies: Clipboard, pen or pencil, highlighter, Match List report.

Queuing Process

Be ready to begin queuing teams as soon as the Match List is distributed. As each match is completed and scored, the Referee will signal for the field to be reset and the next teams to advance to the field. For each match, robots must be on the correct field. For the next match, “on-deck” robots should be on the queue table. For future matches, robots should wait their turn to advance to the “on deck” queue table. Work with the Field Manager and Event Partner to determine how many matches should queue at one time based on the number of teams at the event.



It is the teams' responsibility to be on time for matches. Follow up with missing “on deck” teams by sending their alliance partner to locate them. If both teams from an alliance are missing, Queuing volunteers may go to the Pit Area to locate teams as a courtesy and/or the Emcee can make an announcement.