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Get Inspired and Have Fun!

Be a part of the excitement by joining the team of volunteers who will help in a variety of ways to make this event a success for the students involved.

Volunteer Coordinator Contact

(add your contact information here)

Experience Level

No previous experience is needed for most volunteer positions, and you can even bring your kids for a family activity; for example, Field Resetter is an ideal position for young children.

Time Commitment

You can register for an entire day, or just a portion of the day as your schedule permits for most positions.


Lunch is included for all full-day volunteers.

Open Volunteer Positions

Judges: No previous experience required. All day commitment.

Scorekeeper Referees:  Previous experience preferred, but not required.

Field Resetters: No previous experience required.

For Additional Info

Want to find out more about these volunteer roles and expectations? Visit the REC Foundation Library at REC Foundation > Volunteers to check out position descriptions and find volunteer training materials.

Once you have an assigned volunteer role, please carefully review all guides and training materials posted for your role in the Library at REC Foundation > Volunteers to prepare for your volunteer shift.

Contact the Volunteer Coordinator to register for this event today!