Do I need a background check?

Yes, all Event Partners and Event Administrators are required to complete a background check before hosting an event. General information regarding the background check can be found in the Background Check FAQ article.

Click here for instructions regarding the background check process in

Any questions regarding the background screening process can be directed to

What is the REC Foundation Summit?

For information about the REC Foundation Summit, visit our REC Foundation Summit page.

How do I set up a qualification-based event?

A qualification-based event is one that a team can only register for after winning some award at another event. After you make your event a qualification-based event, EEMs/RSMs will need to work with EPs to configure their events to make their winners eligible to attend your event. Contact your Event Engagement Manager or Regional Support Manager for help with this feature.

What are the EP documents?

All available resources are located in the EP Knowledge Base library at REC Foundation > EPs.

Where can I find past EP email updates?

The REC Foundation sends regular emails to Event Partners with important program information and announcements. You can see all current and past Event Partner email messages archived here.

How do I find my REC Foundation Manager?

Visit the page and click on the map to view REC Foundation contacts by region.

Where can I find RECF and VEX logos?

Visit the REC Foundation Media page for approved logos and graphics, or click here for VEX marketing resources. All materials must adhere to RECF and VEX Marketing style & brand guidelines if RECF and/or VEX logos are used. RECF and/or VEX artwork that is under copyright may not be modified without official permission. EPs can reach out to the RECF or VEX Marketing Departments for help if custom graphics are needed.