Joining a Match

Once your team has connected to the LRT platform and inspections are completed for all teams, LRT matches can begin.

When the Tournament Operator starts a match, the appropriate teams will automatically be moved into it. Teams can also move into their next match ahead of time by clicking the ‘Queue’ button provided to the right of the team list for the upcoming match (see below). It is recommended that teams queue for their upcoming matches early so they have time to diagnose any technical issues if they arise.


When queued for a match, your team will see the LRT Match Lobby, as shown below.


The numbered features are described as follows:

  1. The Match Timer and Current Score. The score on each side of the match timer represents the combined scores for the two teams in the match. The LRT system automatically calculates the teamwork scores for VEX IQ matches.
  2. Current Videos of Teams in the Match. Each team has independent full screen and mute buttons.
  3. Communication Options. These options are identical to those in the Main Lobby view.
  4. Confirm Score Button. At the end of the match, teams will have an opportunity to confirm the scoring of their field. Teams can use the match chat to communicate discrepancies in scoring to the Head Referee and Scorekeepers. Once the score is correct, teams should press this button to indicate that they agree with the score.
  5. Team Current Score. This section on the left side of the screen is not editable by teams. This section shows what the scorekeepers currently have scored for the team’s field.
  6. The Match Chat. This chat is only visible for teams and volunteers in the specific match.

Ready Check

When the Tournament Operator asks for a “Ready Check,” you should click on the “Ready” button to show that your team is ready for the match. This is analogous to giving the referee a thumbs up at an in-person event. Your team should check that their robot, field, and video connections are ready before confirming the Ready Check. Teams should contact the Tournament Operator via the match chat if there is an issue preventing them from competing.

Note: Teams should not click the ready check button until they are completely ready to start the match. The Tournament Operator will start the match once all ready checks have been completed.

This popup will appear when the Tournament Operator sends teams a Ready Check. Currently one team has selected ready, and the other team is not ready to start the match.


LRT Match

Once the match is started, the match timer presents a 5 second countdown, along with an audio prompt. The match then begins, and teams play for 1 minute. An event announcer or referee may remind teams who are using 2 drivers that they must switch drivers between 35-25 seconds, but teams should also try to remember this driver switch. At the end of the match, when the timer reaches zero, teams should place their controllers down.



When the match is completed, the Scorekeeping Referees will record the scored objects on both fields. You may be asked to move your robot out of the way if it is blocking the view of a potentially scored object, or may be asked to verify a scored object in the match chat.

On the left-hand side of the screen, you will see a scoring interface that will matches the scoring
interface used by the scorekeeping volunteers. Once the score is settled by the volunteers, your team should review the counts of all scored objects. Any discrepancies should be immediately brought up in the match chat so they can be investigated by event staff. This helps both teams and event staff clearly communicate scoring issues. Your team will be asked to agree that the placement of scoring objects on your field matches what the scorekeepers have determined by clicking "Confirm Score."

The image below shows a team’s scoring counts. The “Confirm Score” button is blue, which means that this team has not yet confirmed their score with the event staff. This button will be grey while the Referees are scoring the match and after the score has been confirmed by the team.

A team’s confirmation is final and cannot be undone; the button will turn grey after it is clicked. Remember that this feature only confirms the objects on your field and not how those objects interact with your partner’s field. Note: Teams do not need to confirm a score for an event to proceed; the match can still be ended and finalized without confirmation.


Finalizing the Score

Once all scores have been confirmed and the score has been announced, the Tournament Operator will select “Finalize Score,” which will send the teams back to the event lobby. Teams should then reset their fields in preparation for their next match.

Repeat for Each Match

Repeat the previous steps for each Practice and Qualification Match until all your team’s matches are complete.

Alliance Pairings

When the last Qualification Match is completed, the Tournament Operator will create the Finals Matches by pairing each team with their partner for Finals Matches. The alliances for finals matches are generated in the same way that they are at an in-person event. These matches will be found on the left-hand side of the screen once the Tournament Operator completes the setup and verifies the teams included in finals. This process is outlined in the Game Manual. Teams will likely be given a few minutes to strategize with their partner before Finals Matches begin.

Finals Matches

Finals Matches are played using the same procedures as Practice and Qualification Matches.

End of Event

Once all the Finals Matches are completed and scores are finalized, the event will end. When the Tournament Operator ends the event, the team will be sent back to the LRT practice area.


If your team has configuration, A/V, installation, or LRT use issues, consult the LRT Troubleshooting Guide.