In-Person Tournaments

In-person Tournaments are the most common event type. Tournaments are typically one day events that feature Qualification Matches and Robot Skills Matches followed by Finals. In most cases, judged awards are offered, with judge interviews running concurrently with the event.

In-Person Skills-Only Events

In-person Skills-only events are a great way to test the success of the team's robot, post results to the World Skills Standings, and check out other team designs. Like Tournaments, In-person Skills-only events are typically one-day events that feature Robot Skills Matches. In some cases, team interviews and judged awards are also included at these events.

Live Remote Tournaments

Live Remote Tournaments allow your team to compete from your home location instantaneously with and against other teams from anywhere in the world without the expenses of travel. Similar to a typical in-person tournament, a Live Remote Tournament is a one-day event that features Qualification Matches followed by Finals. A Live Remote Tournament event is a great option for those wanting to compete when an in-person event isn't available at the time and/or location convenient for your team. Teams need a laptop with internet, a webcam, game field/elements, & a robot.


Leagues provide multiple opportunities for a group of teams to compete.

Leagues are events with three (3) or more Ranking Sessions plus a League Finals Session. Ranking Sessions include Qualification Matches and may offer Robot Skills Matches. Ranking Sessions are usually only a few hours long and are scheduled several weeks apart to give teams an opportunity to improve their robot designs and game strategies.

The League Finals Session usually includes Robot Skills Matches followed by Finals. Judging is optional and is usually conducted at the League Finals Session.