There are three primary modes of communicating with other teams and with event partners during an LRT event.

Event Chat

The event chat is accessed from the LRT Main Lobby, and can be used by any team, volunteer, or event staff. Everybody involved in the event can view and type in the event chat. This chat should be primarily used for event announcements and updates. This chat should not be used for one-on-one conversations.

Private Chat

The private chat is accessed by clicking the ‘message icon’ in the top-right hand corner of the screen. An orange dot indicator will appear next to the icon to indicate the team has an unread message. Teams can start new private chats with anyone that is currently logged into the event, including other teams, volunteers, and event staff. Private chats are one-on-one conversations, and information shared within a private chat is not viewable by any other user, including the Event Partner. Teams should use the private chat feature to strategize with other teams or communicate information with the Event Partner that is not relevant to other teams.

Match Chat/Microphone

When a team joins a particular match, there will be a match chat viewable beneath the video feeds. Only volunteers, the event partner, and the teams in the current match can view and type in this chat. This chat should be used to communicate details pertaining to the current match. The Head Referee or Scorekeeper may use this chat to ask teams questions about scoring or assist teams with technical difficulties. Additionally, teams can click the microphone icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen to unmute themselves and communicate directly with the Event Partner.

    • Note: The Event Partner may choose to have teams muted for the duration of matches. In this case, the Match Chat would be the only form of communication between teams and volunteers in a match.

Teams should always have someone monitoring their chat windows in case they are asked a question by event staff or another team, or if event staff post information into the Event Chat.


This figure shows a detail of the private chat icon in the upper right corner of the LRT interface. Clicking on the icon will bring up a list of teams and volunteers in the Tournament to send a private message. The orange icon indicates that you have an unread private message. To the left of the private chat icon is the Microphone Icon. This button toggles your microphone between muted and unmuted.

For emergency communications (e.g., a team’s Internet goes down and they cannot communicate with the event) teams should provide the Event Partner with contact information for the team Facilitator, who is the coach or other responsible adult who will be supervising Students during the event. The Event Partner’s event-day contact information is included on the event’s General Information page on