LRT Coach/Mentor Team Facilitator Policy

By registering and participating in remote competitions, your team is required to perform additional tasks and engage in a heightened level of event preparation. This section outlines the roles and responsibilities for the coach or mentor who registers their team for a Live Remote Tournament.

While remote competitions provide an opportunity for student-centered engagement, many of the challenges with remote competitions result from teams being unprepared (e.g., failing to properly set up their fields or equipment, not reading the Game Rules or other documentation related to Live Remote Tournaments). As a robotics community, we want every participant to have a positive competition experience, which is why we are providing this guidance to coaches and mentors who participate in Live Remote Tournaments.

All teams registered for a Live Remote Tournament will need to appoint a team Facilitator to ensure the integrity of the event. At a minimum, the Facilitator will:

  • Be an adult of 18 years or older and not enrolled in high school; the Facilitator can be the Coach, the Primary Contact, an adult Mentor, or adult team member
  • Provide their full name at the start of the event to the Event Partner
  • Provide the Event Partner with a day of contact phone number prior to the event
  • Read and be familiar with the current game and the Live Remote Tournament rules as listed in the VRC Game Manual and Appendix C
  • Read all REC Foundation documentation and understand the requirements for teams participating in Live Remote Tournaments, including the LRT Team Instructions and the LRT Field & Technology Inspection Checklist

The Facilitator must:

  • Review all aspects of the event on prior to registering
  • Follow up on all communications from the Event Partner in a timely manner
  • Pre-Event Setup
  • Inspection
    • Ensure the team is ready to pass an official robot inspection
  • Safety
    • Ensure that all equipment is safely set up and that all local health and safety rules are being enforced
  • Match Readiness
    • Ensure the team is ready before every match!
    • Actively monitor the match schedule for the team, and ensure the team and field are and remain ready 2 to 3 matches prior to your match (Note: teams must not practice on their field during this time)
    • Check that field is correctly set up with all game elements correctly placed
    • Confirm that the robot placement is as per the Game Manual
    • Confirm that the field layout including the LRT Field & Technology Inspection Checklist has been completed and the team remains in compliance for the duration of the event
    • Confirm that the camera is operational and captures the full field correctly aligned with appropriate lighting
    • Confirm working audio capability with the event
  • Scoring
    • Ensure that any questions of scoring are raised by Drive Team members only per the Game Manual
  • Physical Presence
    • B physically present at all times at the immediate location where the Live Remote Tournament matches are occurring and may not be in another room or nearby at the site

Every coach or mentor who registers their team for a Live Remote Tournament should meet these responsibilities. The failure to meet any of these requirements may result in a negative experience for your team and other event participants. In some instances this may result in a violation of and the REC Foundation Code of Conduct. The REC Foundation, our Event Partners, and all participating teams need and appreciate your commitment and support in achieving a quality competition experience.