Event Partners will schedule a period and format for LRT Robot Inspection. This article describes use of the LRT system’s inspection portal.

When an Event Partner starts inspection, connected teams will receive a notification as shown below. This notification will appear for teams in the bottom of the Practice lobby. Clicking the "Go To Event" button in this notification will move you into the event’s inspection lobby.


Once in the inspection lobby, you can join the queue for inspection. The “Join Queue” Button adds you to the list of teams ready to be inspected. The inspection queue will appear on the screen, and teams can see what place they are in the queue. 


This is the view once in the Inspection Queue. If you realize your team is not ready for inspection, you can remove them from the queue by clicking "Leave Queue," and rejoin at the end of the queue when they are ready.


When the inspector is ready for your team, you will be automatically brought into the inspection room. There, the team will complete the inspection process just as they would at an in-person event. 


The image above shows a team's view of the inspection lobby. The team can see their own field, and has access to the microphone and chat icons. Teams might have to unmute themselves to communicate with volunteers during the inspection process. You can use the private chat to communicate with volunteers or event partners if your team is having technical issues during the inspection process.

Once your team has completed inspection, you will be automatically removed from the inspection lobby and returned to the LRT practice lobby. Keep in mind that the Tournament Operator cannot start the event until all inspections are complete. As such, teams might have to wait in the practice lobby until the remainder of inspections are complete before they are given the prompt to join the tournament.