Technology Requirements for LRT Volunteers/Staff

The following list of technology requirements are for EACH of the key volunteers. Any Volunteer who will serve as a Match Controller, Announcer, Head Referee, or Scorekeeper must adhere to these standards to ensure the quality of the event. At present only three Key Volunteer computers can be joined with the Live Remote system to receive real time video feed.

Required Equipment

  • Reliable Broadband Internet access (preferably via a hardwired connection)
  • Computer running Windows 10 or Mac OS
    • Minimum of an Intel i7 processor (4 processing cores) or equivalent
  • Chrome web browser (running the most recent release of Chrome) on the computer for logging into

Note: As the system improves, the system requirements are likely to change, and this section will be updated to include more specific hardware requirements.

Recommended Equipment

  • Additional large monitor or screen to make it easier for scoring/sharing the view of fields if multiple volunteers such as scorekeepers are working in the same location
  • High-quality microphone

Note: It is advised to have a solid communication plan for all Key Volunteers during the event. If some of the Key Volunteers plan to work the event remotely, a video chat service such as Zoom or Google Meet can be used to communicate. Event organizers and the Head Referee should coordinate so Scorekeepers are scoring the correct fields and have an alternate plan of communication such as a group chat or telephone system for resolving any scoring issues.