Posting an LRT Event and Setting Volunteer Permissions

Posting an LRT Event on

Create your LRT event using the process described in Posting an Event to

  • Be sure to select “Live Remote Tournament” as the Event Type as shown in the image below.
  • Be sure to select “Remote” as the Event Format as shown in the image below.
  • We recommend that EPs add a survey question in the event for coaches to confirm the event day contact phone numbers for each team’s Event Facilitator; this information is also included in the LRT inspection checklist.

Once all required fields are filled out, contact your EEM/RSM to initiate the final approval/review process.


Setting Volunteer Permissions

When creating your event on, the 'Event Administrators' tab allows you to assign 'Event Administrator’ or ‘Authorized Live Remote Volunteer' permissions to other staff/key volunteers for your LRT event.

The individuals who will serve as Match Controller, Announcer, Head Referee, and Scorekeepers for your LRT event must be connected to your event through the following steps, which should be completed well in advance of your event.

  1. Each volunteer must have a account.
  2. Each volunteer should send you the email address associated with their account.
  3. You must send a list of volunteer emails/account to the EEM, who will make the necessary modifications to the volunteer accounts to provide access to your event on the LRT system.

The Event Administrator designation should be reserved for any REC Foundation or VEX staff who will support the event, including EESs, TEMs, and EEMs.

All other volunteers for the event should be listed as Authorized Live Remote Volunteers.