VIQC Early-Bird Registration Policy & FAQ


In regions where there is a high density of teams, it can be difficult for teams to register for tournaments. Some fill within minutes after registration opens. Teams then wait by their computer when the next tournament is scheduled to open and register the second it opens. This compounds the problem. The Early-Bird and Standard registration periods help reduce this problem. It is only used in regions that have a need for Early-Bird. Contact your REC Foundation RSM for details about your region.

  • The Early-Bird registration is only for non-Championship Tournaments and is not used for Workshops, Leagues, Scrimmages or Championship tournaments including Signature Events or in areas where the Regional Support Manager has turned off Early-Bird registration.
  • The Early-Bird registration period is from when registration opens until 6-weeks prior to the tournament.
  • Each team starts the season with two (2) opportunities to register during the Early-Bird period. An opportunity is taken away each time the team registers for a non-Championship tournament, whether during the Early-Bird period or Standard period. An Early-Bird opportunity is not taken away if a team registers for a tournament hosted by their school or organization (where the team’s coach is the Event Partner).
  • The Standard registration period begins immediately after the Early-Bird registration period. It allows any team to register and fill the remaining capacity of the tournament.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When does the Early-Bird registration period start?
A: As soon as the tournament is open for registration, given that it is more than six weeks prior to the tournament.

Q: When does the standard registration period start?
A: Six weeks prior to the first day of the tournament.

Q: Who can register during the Early-Bird registration period?
A: There are two groups that are eligible for Early-Bird registration:

  • The Event Partner’s teams
  • Teams that have not registered for 2 non-Championship tournaments.

Q: Do you get your Early-Bird back once the tournament occurs?
A: No, Early-Bird is not something that you use and then get back. Early-Bird is a time period during the registration period leading up to an tournament. You can only register during this time period if you have not already registered for 2 other tournaments. Once you have registered for 2 tournaments, you are no longer eligible to register for any tournament during its Early-Bird period.

Q: Can the Event Partner register their teams during the Early-Bird registration period, even if they have previously registered for 2 other tournaments?
A: Yes, the Event Partner is able to register their own teams to their tournament during the Early-Bird registration period, no matter how many other tournaments they are already registered for.

Q: Who can register during the standard registration period?
A: All teams can register during the standard registration period until the capacity of the tournament is met, or if the number of teams per organization set by the Event Partner is reached.

Q: Does putting your team on the wait list of another tournament count as one of your tournaments?
A: No, Early-Bird eligibility will only look for teams who have registered for another tournament.

Q: Do Signature Events and State Championships count as tournaments?
A: No, only Non-Championship Tournaments count. Signature Events are considered a Championship type tournament because it qualifies teams directly to VEX Worlds.

Q: Do all tournaments have an Early-Bird period?
A: No, some tournaments do not have as much of a demand, and typically do not fill. The Early-Bird period gives teams that have not played often a higher priority than those who have had multiple opportunities. But when there is a tournament that can take everyone, then no priority is needed.

Q: Does a league, workshop or scrimmage count as one of your tournaments?
A: No, leagues, workshops and scrimmages do not count to your limit of 2 tournaments.

Q: Does an invitational only tournament count as one of your tournaments?
A: Yes, invitational tournaments count toward your limit of 2 tournaments.

Q: What is an invitational only tournament?
A: Each event partner is allowed to host a closed event if they host another equal or larger event that is open to all teams. The open tournaments will follow the Early-Bird registration rules, but the closed tournament will not.

Q: If a team has not paid the event fee, will that tournament count as one of the tournaments?
A: Yes, you will not be able to register during the Early-Bird period if you have registered for two other tournaments, even if you have not paid for one or both of those tournaments.

Q: Do you have to pay the REC Foundation Team Registration before registering during the Early-Bird registration period?
A: Yes, all teams must have officially registered and paid for their REC Foundation team registration before registering for tournaments, even during the Early-Bird period.

Q: Can the Event Partner manually add teams other than his/her own during the Early Bird period?
A: Yes, but for only eligible teams. Teams that are added who are not eligible will be removed.

Q: Can the Event Partner register all of their own teams?
A: The Event Partner must follow the Qualifying Criteria registration rules and abide by the organization and team percentage rules.

Q: If the tournament fills to capacity during the Early-Bird registration period, what happens next?
A: As soon as the tournament fills to capacity, no other team will be able to register for the tournament, whether it is during the Early-Bird registration period or the Standard registration period.

Q: Can a team put themselves on the wait list during the Early-Bird registration period?
A: The wait list should only be used once the tournament has filled to capacity. It does not give priority to teams that put themselves on the wait list during the Early-Bird registration period for Standard registration.

Q: Can you swap with another team who has registered during the Early-Bird registration period?
A: Swapping with another team in your organization can only be done during the Early-Bird registration period if the team that is swapping in is eligible for Early-Bird registration.

Q: Is Early-Bird for one team per organization or for all teams in each organization?
A: Each team is considered a unique team for Early Bird and each team is counted separately. This means if team 0000A has registered for two tournaments, it is no longer eligible for Early-Bird Registration, but if team 0000B has only registered for 1 tournament, it is still eligible for Early-Bird Registration.

Q: Can I shop around for tournaments that have entered the standard registration time frame?
A: Yes, you can register additional teams in any tournament that has moved from Early Bird to Standard registration.

Q: As an event partner is there anything special I need to do relating to the Early Bird Program?
A: The EP has nothing special except to have a tournament approved by their RSM.

Q: What do I do if I have questions regarding the Early Bird registration program?
A: Please contact your RSM.

Q: Can I opt-out of the Early Bird Program?
A: This is up to the RSM to turn on or off the Early-Bird period for specific tournaments. If a tournament has the Early-Bird disabled, that tournament will still count as a tournament a team is registered into.

Q: Can I eliminate the Early Bird program by setting the registration open period to 6 weeks before the tournament?
A: No, as that would violate the requirement that all tournaments must be open for registration 8 weeks prior to the tournament.

Q: What happens if my tournament does not fill to capacity?
A: As with all tournaments, you can reach out to any eligible team to fill the tournament spots during Standard registration.

Q: Do completed tournaments (past events) that my team has registered for count toward Early-Bird registration count?
A: Yes, all tournaments in the current season count, even tournaments that have completed.

Q: Can Event Partners still “pre-register” their own teams for their own tournament before the registration period opens?
A: Yes, Event Partners can register their own teams before or during the Early-Bird registration period.

Q: Can an Event Partner list me as an Event Administrator on their Tournament that I am not helping with just so that I don’t have that tournament counted against my limit of 2 tournaments?
A: No, Event Partners that try to give away extra tournaments by listing extra people on the event as Event Administrators are breaking the spirit of the rule and will be asked to stop this practice immediately. Please don’t purposely trick the system so that you can break a rule. See the Code of Conduct and G1 and model it for the teams.