TM Quick Reference Guide: Alliance Selection, Eliminations, and Finals

Alliance Selection (VRC)

A quick reference guide to running Alliance Selection.

Once the qualification matches are complete, the next task is to proceed with Alliance Selection, if the game configuration calls for an Elimination Tournament. Alliance Selection is the process of allowing the top qualifying teams at the tournament to select alliance partners to compete with them during the elimination round.

Before beginning Alliance Selection:

  • Ensure all Qualification Matches have been scored and saved (all green checkboxes)
  • Confirm that the Finals matches are configured correctly: Tools > Options > Elimination Wins
  • Confirm that a student representative is present for each team
  • Use the field set window to change the Audience Display to the Alliance Selection option
  • Print Alliance Selection signs and distribute or layout in order: Reports > Signs > Alliance Selection Signs

To proceed with Alliance Selection:

  • Select the Alliance Selection tab in the Main Window.


  • Select the Start Alliance Selection button. This will lock all of the qualification matches to prevent changes and obtain the most current rankings to fill in the available teams box on the left side of the window.


  • Select an option to start the Alliance Selection process.
    • Start Alliance Selection with all teams (most commonly used)
    • Mark teams as ineligible before starting
      • Used if some teams are not eligible for Alliance Selection before starting
      • Used if a team should be prevented from being an alliance captain
      • Used if eligible teams have left the event or are not present for Alliance Selection
    • Start Alliance Selection in Manual mode - not used for official/qualifying events


  • Once Alliance Selection is started, the contents of the tab will change and new buttons will be available.
  • The Tournament Manager operator can make finding teams easier by sorting teams by rank or by number. Click the desired column heading to sort.


  • When an alliance captain selects a partner, the Tournament Manager operator should highlight the correct team in the Available Teams box and click the Add Team button.


  • A popup window will appear asking whether the selected team chose to Accept or Decline. The Accept button will add the selected team to the alliance while the Decline button marks the team as declined. When a team declines, they are still eligible to be an alliance captain if they are seeded high enough but they cannot be selected by another alliance captain. The team will appear in a lighter color in the available teams list to indicate this.


  • As Alliance Selection continues, the Tournament Manager operator will continue to record the selections made by the alliance captains until all alliances are filled.
  • Once all selections are made, everything should be double-checked for accuracy before clicking the Finalize Alliances.


  • A pop up will appear asking “Are you sure you would like to finalize the alliances?”. If everything is correct, select Yes, if not, select No to make changes.


  • Alliances will now lock and the first round of Elimination matches will be created.
    • Matches will be visible under the Scoring tab in Tournament Manager
    • Elimination bracket can be shown on desired Pit and Audience Displays

Elimination Wins (VRC & VEX U)

Elimination Matches are a blend of “Best of 1” and “Best of 3.” “Best of 1” means that the
winning Alliance in each Match advances to the next round of the Elimination Bracket. “Best of 3” means
that the first Alliance to reach two wins will advance. To determine what format an event should follow, reference the flowchart:

An Event Partner should always check that the correct elimination format is setup in Tournament Manager BEFORE elimination rounds begin (Tools - Options - Elimination Wins).

Elimination Matches (VRC & VEX U)

A quick reference guide to running Elimination matches.

Before each elimination round begins, assign each match in that round to a field:

  • Tools > Elimination/Finals Match Queue
  • Assign each match to a field in a rotational basis and select “Queue”
    • If matches do not appear on field timer displays, return to the Scoring tab, open the Elimination folder, find the first match in the current round, right click and queue to Field Control
  • Use competition fields only
  • Process must be repeated at the start of each elimination round


Run the elimination matches, if the game configuration calls for them. Elimination matches are operated much like the qualification and practice matches. One difference during elimination matches is that the matches will not appear in the Match List Tree until the alliances that will compete in the match are known. This means that after Alliance Selection is finished, the only matches that will appear initially are the first round matches. Each time an elimination match is scored, Tournament Manager checks the Elimination ladder and determines if any new matches can be created. It is recommended to show the score after each Elimination/Finals match to know who wins and moves on in the tournament.

Finals Matches (VEX IQ)

A quick reference guide to running VIQRC Finals matches.

The VEX IQ Robotics Competition automatically creates alliances based on the pre-set number of Finals alliances. The top ranked team is paired with the second ranked team, third with fourth, etc. until the Finals alliance number has been reached. Each alliance plays a single Finals match to determine the winning alliance.

When all qualification matches are complete, scored, and saved, create the Finals matches

  • Matches > Create Finals Matches


  • If teams need to be excluded for any reason (Code of Conduct, left the event early, etc) select the team and exclude. Otherwise, select “Create Finals Matches” to continue.


  • Finals matches are now created and located in the Finals folder in the Scoring tab.

Before starting Finals matches, assign each match to a field

  • Tools > Elimination/Finals Match Queue
  • Assign each match to a field in a rotational basis and select “Queue”
    • If matches do not appear on field timer displays, return to the Scoring tab, open the Elimination folder, find the first match in the current round, right click and queue to Field Control

Finals matches will operate the same way Qualification matches were done: queuing matches to fields and displaying the results on the displays. It is recommended to show the score after each Finals match to know what the score to beat is.

Match Stop Time

An Event Partner should be familiar with the concept of Match Stop Time and when that could be used at a VIQRC event. For specific details on Match Stop Time, please refer to the current VIQRC Game Manual.