A quick reference guide to setting up awards in Tournament Manager.

Most events will present awards to participating teams once the elimination tournament or Finals matches are complete. Tournament Manager provides the ability for tournament organizers to set up a list of awards which will be presented and to assign winning teams, individuals, or clubs to those awards. Additionally, award winner information can be shown on the Audience Display for a more professional look (see KB article on Slides). The list of awards which will be presented at your event are set during the Tournament Setup Wizard and can also be accessed using the Tools > Options menu and selecting Awards on the left side of the Options window.


To assign award winners:

  • Select the Awards tab from the Tournament Manager Main Window


  • Select the award you wish to assign by clicking on the award name in the list on the left side of the window.


  • Choose the Team Number of the winning team or fill in the Name of the award winner in the area on the right and click Save
    • Team Number or Name will be grayed out depending on what type of award you have selected.
  • Awards can also be assigned by Judges wirelessly via the Web Server.


  • Robot performance based awards (Tournament/Teamwork Champions, Finalists, Robot Skills Champions, Robot Skills 2nd/3rd Place) can be automatically filled by selecting the “Auto Fill Winners” button.

When all judged awards are entered and all performance based results are completed (Auto Fill Winners in the Awards tab), select Reports > Awards > Award Ceremony Script and print for announcers to use during the Awards Ceremony.


A quick reference guide to setting up Slides in Tournament Manager and displaying award winners.

Using Slides is a way to show the award winners on the Audience Display when the awards are presented. All award winners must be entered in the Awards tab in order for Slides to auto-populate information.

To set up Slides:

  • Select the Slides tab


  • Select the "Auto Add Slides" button to automatically add each preset award into the slideshow.


  • Select the appropriate options from the pop-up window and click the "Create Slides" button.


    • Only use an overlay if using video cameras
  • Two slides are added for each award, an Intro slide and a Single Award slide (see below for the description of each slide type).

To operate Slides:

  • Select a slide
    • A preview is shown in the upper-left quadrant.


  • Double click the slide in the list or click the "Send Preview to Live" button to show the slide on the Audience Display.


    • The best way to think of this is: whatever is showing on the left only the Tournament Manager operator can see. Whatever is showing on the right is what everyone can see.

The Auto-Add functionality is enough for most events, but some may want to take advantage of the other slides that are available. Below is a brief description of each slide type:

  • Intro - Shows the name of the award; it is commonly used while the announcer reads a description of the award before the winner is announced.
  • Single Award - Shows the name of the award and the winner's name along with team number and location if the award is a team award.
  • Single Award Mult Div - Shows the winners of a single award type for each division that is configured for the slide.
  • Mult Awards Single Div - Shows the winners of each award that is configured for the slide.
  • Elim Alliance - Shows the number and name for all the teams in the configured alliance.
  • Speaker - Shows the name, title, and company of a person; it is typically used when someone is speaking before presenting an award.
  • Multi Speaker - Shows the name, title, and company of up to two people.

Upload/Finalize Results

A quick reference guide to uploading and finalizing results in Tournament Manager.
Once the event is complete, event results should be uploaded to The event must be listed on to do this, and the Event Code and TM Code must be entered in the General settings panel (use Tools > Options if these values are not already present). During this process, results are sent to VEX for tracking results and displaying event information on the Internet. VRC, VEX IQ, VEX U, VAIC, and Aerial Drone Competition events will also use this information for qualifying teams for the World Championship and other events that require qualification.

To upload event results:

  • Select the File > Upload Results to menu option.


  • The Upload Event Results window will appear. In this window select “Finalize Results and Publish Awards”. Then select “Upload Now”. Once the results are finalized, the award winners will appear on the event page at, qualification based event invitations will be sent out, and you will no longer be able to upload results from the Tournament Manager.

Important Notes:

  • Do not complete this process until all results are finished and all awards are handed out at the event.
  • The server computer must have Internet access to upload and finalize results.
    • If the venue and/or server computer does not have Internet access, the results can be uploaded later when the Tournament File is opened on a computer with Internet access.
  • When results are uploaded to, the team list and award list is checked against the information on
    • If teams have been added to the event, they must be added to the event page in before results can be uploaded
    • If additional awards have been entered into Tournament Manager that are not listed on, they need to be added to the Awards section in before results can be uploaded.
  • If this is a League event, complete this task after the final Ranking Session only.