Running Practice/Qualification Matches

A quick reference guide to running matches in Tournament Manager.

Once the event begins, the primary job of the Tournament Manager operator is to run and score practice and qualification matches. Matches are run by opening the field set control window. The field set window provides the ability to control the robots on the field as well as controlling what is shown on the Audience Display.


Match On Field:

  • Indicates which match number is ready to be played and is controlled by the Scoring tab.
  • Select “Queue Next Match” when the current match is completed.
    • If upcoming match does not queue properly, or is done out of order:
      • Open the scoring tab
      • Find desired upcoming match
      • Right click and select “Queue match on Default Field Control”

Saved Match

  • Indicates the match that will be displayed on the Audience Display when Saved Match Results is selected
  • Is typically the last match that is played on the field.

Match Timer

  • Shows how much time is remaining in the match.

Start Match

  • Enables the robots on the field
  • Start the match timer
  • Play the start of match sound through the Audience Display

Reset Timer

  • Changes to Abort Match while a match is running
  • Stops the match timer, disables the robots, and plays the aborted match sound through the Audience Display.

End Early

  • Enabled while match is running
  • Ends the current match segment early as if the timer had expired

Set Timer

  • Used the match timer to keep track of a timeout called by a team on the field.
    When the match timer is set to the timeout value, the Match On Field box will say "TO" to indicate a timeout.
  • The Start Match button can be used to start the timeout timer (robots on the field will not be enabled during a timeout).

Autonomous Winner

  • Indicate on the Audience Display which alliance won the autonomous mode.
    • If playing a game that does not have an autonomous mode this option will not appear
  • The Autonomous Winner will be reset to None whenever a new match is queued to the field set.

Play Sounds

  • Select to play tournament sounds (buzzer, controller change, autonomous period ending, etc)

Audience Display

  • Used to control which screen is shown on the Audience Display

Running Matches

To open the field set window and run matches:

  • Select the Field Set Control menu
  • Choose the name of the field set that should be controlled


  • Select “Queue Next Match”


  • Open the Scoring Tab


  • Right click and select “Queue match on Default Field Control”


Scoring Matches

There are 2 options to score a match:

  • Inputting Scores Manually In Tournament Manager
  • Tablet Scoring using TM Mobile

Scoring Manually In Tournament Manager

  • After the referees finish scoring a match, the Tournament Manager operator will enter the scores into the Scoring tab
    • When match scores are entered into the Scoring tab, Tournament Manager checks the scores against the known limits of the game.
    • If the score entered is not possible for a particular game (for example, more game pieces are scored than are available in the rules), Tournament Manager will display a warning and highlight the score values that are out of range. If this happens, the Tournament Manager operator should check with the Head Referee to ensure the entered scores are correct.
  • Click the Save Scores button when finished.


The match icon will turn green when saved.

Tablet Scoring using TM Mobile

  • Refer to the KB article on Tablet Scoring for information on how to use this feature
  • When scorekeeper referees have saved a score on a mobile device, the match icon will turn gray.


  • Select the submitted match
  • Click the Save Scores button at the bottom to save and publish the score


  • The match icon will turn green when saved


Match Status
In the Scoring tab, the state of each match is shown by the icon the Match List Tree.
- Match is unsaved
- Match is unsaved and modified
- Match is submitted by referee using TM Mobile, but not yet saved
- Match is submitted by referee using TM Mobile, but not yet saved and was modified locally
- Match is saved
- Match is saved and has changes that were not yet saved
- Match is saved with a score that is out of range

Posting Scores
An event or at various times within an event, the preference may be to post scores on the Audience Display after every match or post previously completed matches (ex. match 1 score posted after match 2, match 2 score posted after match 3, etc).

To post the score of a match

  • Right click on a completed match
  • Select “Send to Default Saved Match Results”


  • Select “Saved Match Results” from the Audience Display menu to display the score
    • Best Practice: Show a score/match result in between matches. Do not show a previous match score during a live match as spectators may be watching the timer and/or a camera feed on the Audience Display.


Notes on Match Control:

  • All match control features (queuing, starting/stopping matches, scoring, etc.) can be done at the field with mobile devices. See the KB article on Tablet Scoring for more information

Running Skills Challenge Matches

A quick reference guide to skills matches in Tournament Manager.

Skills challenges are an optional component of some robotics competitions. Skills challenges allow teams to compete on a field by themselves to show what their own robot is capable of without interaction from opponents or alliance partners.

Tournament Manager supports two types of skills challenges:

  • Driving Skills - driver-controlled event
  • Autonomous Coding Skills - autonomous operation only

To access the skills challenge feature:

  • Select the Skills Challenge tab in the Main Window


    • On the left side is a tabbed list of previously entered scores for each skills type


    • On the right side is where scores are entered.
    • On the lower right side of the window is the Field Set area.
      • This area allows you to queue a skills challenge match on a Field Set
      • Select the Field Set you wish to use in the dropdown and then click Queue on Field . This will send the skills match to the appropriate Field Set window.
    • Once the match is queued on the Field Set, the match can be run in the same way that regular matches are.

Once the team has completed a skills match

  • Select the team in the Team Number dropdown


  • Enter the score details in the Score area
  • Click Add Driver Skills Score or Add Autonomous Coding Skills Score
  • The score will be added to the list on the left.

To edit an existing score:

  • Right click on the score in the scores list
  • Select Edit Score



  • Modify the score details
  • Save the score

To delete an existing score (generally should not be used unless in an extreme circumstance):

  • Right click on it in the scores list
  • Select Remove Score

Queuing and running an Autonomous Coding Skills match will cause the robot to run in autonomous mode only, while queuing and running a Driver Skills match will cause the robot to run in driver-control mode only. Make sure the correct match type for the skills challenge is queued that the team wishes to compete in.

Skills Challenge Scoring Using TM Mobile
Using tablet scoring with TM Mobile makes Skills Challenge operation easy. Unlike qualification matches, when a score is saved in TM Mobile, there is nothing the Tournament Manager operator needs to do to save it - it’s automatically saved. All field control operations (starting/stopping matches, scoring, assigning the skills challenge type, assigning fields, etc) can be done on the tablet. Refer to the KB article on Tablet Scoring for information on how to use this feature.