Methods of Recording a VRC Match Score

Scorekeeper Referees use a paper or digital score sheet to record and submit scores from head-to-head and Robot Skills Challenge matches during a competition. The style of scoresheet used at a specific event is determined by the Event Partner when the Tournament Manager software is set up for the event.

Over Under Paper Scoresheet

23-24 VRC paper scoresheet.png

Download the PDF for US letter-size paper

Download the PDF for A4-size paper

Over Under Digital Scoresheet

Over Under digital scoresheet.jpg

How to Record the Score

For paper score sheets, it is critical that the correct match number be entered at the top of the score sheet and all team numbers be entered on the blank lines in the bottom third of the scoresheet. Digital scoresheets are pre-populated with match and team numbers.

Autonomous Period Scoring for VRC Over Under

After the Autonomous Period and before starting the Driver Controlled Period, there are two things for the Head Referee to assess and communicate to the Scorekeeper Referees.

  1. Look to see which alliances have earned an Autonomous Win Point (AWP), and check the Autonomous Win Point box on the scoresheet for each team that has earned an AWP. An AWP is awarded to any alliance that completed the following tasks at the end of the Autonomous Period:
    1. Removed the Triball from the Alliance’s Match Load Zone that coincides with their Starting
      Tiles. For example, in Figure 21, the red Alliance must remove the Triball that begins in the
      bottom-left Match Load Zone, adjacent to Robot 1’s Starting Tiles.
    2. Scored at least one Alliance Triball in the Alliance’s own Goal.
    3. Ended the Autonomous Period with at least one Robot contacting their own Elevation Bar.
    4. Not violated any other rules.
  2. Determine which alliance is ahead in points at this time in the match. You do not need to count the exact score, but instead look to see who has more points. This is a subtle difference, but will save you precious time. Use VEX TM Mobile or the VRC Hub app to quickly calculate the score when necessary. 
    • If the Autonomous Period ends in a tie, including a zero-to-zero tie, that is marked as a Tie on the scoresheet. 
    • Check the appropriate Autonomous Winner box on the scoresheet (Red, Blue, None, or Tie) to reflect the score at the end of the Autonomous Period.

At the end of the Autonomous Period and before the Driver Controlled Period begins, your scoresheet should indicate which alliances have earned an AWP, and whether Autonomous resulted in a tie, no winner, or was won by one of the two alliances. The “scored objects” section of the scoresheet is only completed at this time if you are using a digital scoresheet.

Driver Controlled Period Scoring for VRC Over Under

In most cases, recording the final match score is the job of the Scorekeeper Referees and not the Head Referee. The Head Referee generally won’t have time to record all of the scored objects, double-check with the teams, then submit the score to the TM Operator. Instead, the Head Referee should quickly look for any “close-call” scoring objects, make a decision and communicate it to the Scorekeeping Referees and teams, then move to the next field to start that match, leaving the Scorekeeper Referees to score, verify with teams, and submit the match.

After the Driver Controlled Period ends and any “close-call” Scoring Objects have been assessed by the Head Referee, the Scorekeeping Referees should record the following for each alliance:

  • Number of alliance triballs scored in goals and offensive zones
  • Number of neutral triballs scored in the goal and offensive zone
  • Robot elevation tiers

Once object counts have been recorded, it is vital that the Scorekeeper Referees show the scoresheet to all teams from both alliances so they have an opportunity to verify that the match has been scored correctly. Missing one scored object might be the difference in winning or losing a match. Use the teams to double check the scorecard before submitting it to the Tournament Manager Operator. Note that you’re not asking teams to verify final scores, but rather individual object counts. If you’re using paper scoresheets, you are not expected to determine the actual scores for a match.

At the end of the Driver Controlled Period, your scoresheet should indicate the results of the Autonomous Period as well as counts of all objects and field elements that meet scoring criteria at the end of the match.

No Shows and DQs

Before submitting the scoresheet, Scorekeeper Referees should work with the Head Referee to determine whether the “No Show” or “DQ” checkboxes should be marked for any teams in the match.

Check the No Show box for any team that fails to send at least one (1) Drive Team Member to the Alliance Station for the Match. If there is a missing robot (i.e., only 3 of the 4 robots are placed on the field), be sure to ask the Drive Team Members if any of them are on the team with the missing robot. If they are, then do NOT mark that team as a No Show.

If the Head Referee issues a disqualification to a team at the end of the match, mark the DQ box next to their team number on the scoresheet and make a note of the corresponding rule number in the DQ Reason space. A team cannot receive a DQ unless they have broken a specific rule.

If a team’s robot is removed from the field by the Head Referee for not being within specifications of the inspection rules, the team should not receive a DQ or a No Show. There is nothing to mark on the scoresheet in this situation.

How to Submit the Score

Before submitting a paper or digital scoresheet, first ensure that all teams have agreed to the outcome of the match and the information recorded on the scoresheet. Next, double-check that the scoresheet includes the correct match number and all other details.

Finally, to submit a completed paper scoresheet hand it to the Tournament Manager Operator for entry into the tournament file.

To submit a completed digital scoresheet, select the green floppy disc icon to save the match to the tournament file. Note that the red trash can icon will dispose of the current scoring data and return you to the match list, and the blue arrow icon will reset the scoresheet for the current match.