Entry Points to VEX and the REC Foundation

Classroom and competition students will find resources and articles to get started with VEX Robotics and the REC Foundation. VEX Robotics designs and produces robotics kits, robot parts, coding software, and curriculum; the REC Foundation is a non-profit organization that manages VEX Robotics competitions. Whether you’re using VEX Robotics in your classroom or through one of the REC Foundation competitions, you’ll find what you need to succeed.

Welcome to VEX and REC

Hi, my name is Grace.

I would like to welcome you to the VEX Library and the REC Library! Whether you are a new student or a VEX Robotics veteran, you have come to the right place! This directory is your best friend for accessing information for all things VEX.

In VEX Robotics, the skills we learn are useful beyond the robotics competition. For example, the engineering design process enhanced my problem-solving skills. Early on, it was challenging for me to remember the steps of the engineering design process. My coach amazed me by answering all my questions with information from the VEX website. When I would ask him questions about the competition game, he would always say, “Read the game manual.” After countless repetitions of that one phrase, I finally got it. I would automatically consult the VEX website because I learned research was a game changer for solving robotics challenges.

So be curious! Be plucky when searching for answers! The VEX Library and the REC Library were designed by the same great minds who developed the VEX platforms. Their 24/7 accessibility is invaluable; plus, you will be your coach’s favorite student when you consult the online resources instead of pestering them the night before a competition. We all face challenges, but we love robotics because our greatest challenge can become our greatest success story!

Best of luck to you and your team!

Grace Meyer - Team 3547H


Learning to be an engineer can be a lifelong journey. This section will help you get started with engineering long before you go to college. We will add more information to this section continually.

Student working on robot

This section includes:

  • Introduction to Engineering
  • Interviews with Student
  • Hero Robots
  • Building Beyond the Hero Robot
  • Engineering Design Process
  • Get Inspired by Past Robot Reveal Videos
  • Strategy Dictates Design
  • Mechanical Knowledge
  • Electronics Usage
  • Coding Your Robot

Learn more at engineering.vex.com


An Engineering Notebook provides a place for you to practice writing skills, express ideas through drawing, and create a chronological account of your team's use of the Engineering Design Process. We will add more information to this section continually.

Engineering Notebook page 1
Engineering notebook page 2

This section includes:

  • Introduction to Notebooking
  • Enhanced Access enabled by Digital Notebooks
  • Interviews with Student
  • Rubric for Engineering Notebooks
  • Resources for students
  • Resources for coaches and educators

Learn more at notebooking.vex.com


Coding is a critical part of modern life, and key to a successful robot design.

Group of students coding

This section includes:

  • Introduction to coding
  • Accessing VEXcode
  • Learn coding with video tutorials
  • Use VEXcode help
  • Start with Virtual Skills
  • Should I use Blocks, Python, or C++?
  • Learn coding by reading articles
  • Learn coding with virtual robots
  • Use the CS Curriculum
  • VEX Visual Studio Code Extension
  • Coding support

Learn more at coding.vex.com


There’s a lot for teams to understand about robotics competitions and how to succeed at them. This collection includes resources for competition teams to review before a robotics competition.

Students Competing

This section includes:

  • Game manuals
  • Tournaments & leagues
  • The Judging process
  • Attending a tournament
  • Robot inspection checklist
  • VEX Robotics World Championship
  • Safety

Learn more at teams.vex.com

Code of Conduct

The Robotics Education & Competition (REC) Foundation considers the positive, respectful, and ethical conduct of all students, teachers, mentors, parents, and other event attendees an important and essential component of all REC Foundation-sanctioned events.

Students showing sportsmanship

We expect the following behavior and ethical standards at all REC Foundation-sanctioned events:

  • Act with integrity, honesty, and reliability
  • Behave in a respectful and professional manner with event staff, volunteers, and fellow competitors
  • Exhibit maturity and class when dealing with difficult and stressful situations
  • Respect individual differences
  • Follow all rules as listed in the current game manual(s)
  • Student-centered teams with limited adult assistance
  • Safety as a top priority
  • Good sportsmanship, which includes supporting your alliance partners

These expectations apply to all team members and all adults associated with a team including, but not limited to, teachers, mentors, parents and guardians. This Code may also apply to behavior outside of REC Foundation-sanctioned events where inappropriate actions are related to an event or participating individuals.

Read more about the Code of Conduct

VEX Library

Documentation, resources and information about all things VEX—organized and in one place. The VEX Library is the place to find detailed information on building, electronics, coding and troubleshooting.

VEX Library

The VEX Library includes information on:

  • How to use VEX electronics
  • How to use VEX mechanical products
  • Drivetrain and mechanism design
  • Installing and using VEXcode
  • Coding tutorials
  • Troubleshooting guides
  • Safety guidelines

Learn more at library.vex.com

REC Library for Teams

The REC Foundation and VEX have collaborated to consolidate all the resources a team needs into one place. This site will become your go-to place for information on starting a team, game manuals, policies, equipment, events, robots, coding, and the engineering design process.

REC Library for Teams

REC Library for Teams includes:

  • Getting started guides
  • Design process and engineering notebooks
  • Competitions
  • Tournaments
  • Forms and policies
  • Robots
  • Coding
  • VEX Robotics World Championship
  • Competition history

Learn more at teams.vex.com

More Student Resources

The REC Library provides a number of resources for students who wish to take early steps toward their future STEM careers, including industry certifications and internships.

  • Learning resources
  • The new REC Foundation Ambassadors program
  • Internship program
  • Alumni Association
  • Industry certifications
  • International Robotics Honor Society

Learn more in the REC Library / Students & Parents

Parent and Guardian Resources

This set of resources and articles helps parents and guardians encourage and support their student’s STEM journey.

Topics include:

  • Parent/Guardian interviews
  • Supporting STEM students
  • Scholarships

Explore the content at parents.vex.com


The REC Foundation partners with over 50 organizations, universities, and colleges to offer a scholarship program.

Explore the content at scholarships.vex.com