There are three types of contacts associated with a team: Primary Contact, Secondary Contact, and Financial Contact. Team Contacts need to have a verified account. It is required to include a Primary and Financial Contact, and these can be the same person. A Secondary Contact is optional. It is important to note that all team contacts will have the ability to manage the team in including registering the team for the season, registering for events, and modifying team information. Schools that are considering adding parents as team contacts are encouraged to develop an internal process for what the non-school staff contacts are allowed to do. Starting with the 2022-23 season, if the organization is associated with a school, at least one contact must be a staff member from that school. The Primary and Secondary Contacts can post questions on the Official Q&As.

Primary Contact

A team’s Primary Contact is the “head coach” of the team and is typically responsible for registering the team for the season and events, and usually attend the events with the team. Teams associated with schools will typically use a staff member as the Primary Contact. They are the primary person responsible for the students on the team and will be the first person contacted with team related communications. The majority of email communications from the REC Foundation and Event Partners are sent to the Primary Contact. The Primary Contact must be an adult (18+ years old) and cannot be a Student Team Member associated with a current team in that program. The one exception is that VEX U teams may have an adult Primary Contact that is also a Student Team Member.

Financial Contact

A team’s Financial Contact is the person responsible for processing payments through These payments typically include team and event registration fees, or can include product purchases. The Financial Contact can also be the Primary Contact.

Secondary Contact

A team’s Secondary Contact is an additional individual that will help manage the team in and is optional. Secondary contacts are typically “assistant coaches” or an alternative contact that will attend events when the Primary Contact cannot attend. Students may be added as Secondary Contacts so that a team representative can post questions to the Q&A.

Organizational Contact

The team’s Organizational Contact is used when there is a centralized person that manages the teams in the organization, but may not be the “head coach” or Primary Contact.