For many teams, the goal of the season is to qualify for an Event Region Championship. This is the final event of the season for a large majority of competition teams. The Event Partner should do everything in their power to make this an elevated event experience for teams that attend. This will be the first step in ensuring that teams have a great experience and the event. The Event Region Championship Event Partner should consider creating an Advisory Board to consult in the months leading up to the event and for planning purposes.     

Event Logistics and Details

A high-quality Event Region Championship takes many months, and in some cases up to a year, to plan out. Event Region Championship Event Partners should have years of previous event hosting experience and should host events in the current season to ensure understanding of the game. The following is a general list of ideas to keep in mind before, during, and after the event:


  • Choose event date and location/venue
    • Single day or multi-day
    • What will the check-in experience be?
    • How long will it take for teams to have a positive inspection experience?
    • Cycle times
    • How many fields do you need?
      • Practice 
      • Skills 
      • Competition
    • Start recruiting quality Key Volunteers

During the Event

  • Overall event experience from a quality and technical perspective
    • Check-in is your first chance for a positive impression for teams
    • Inspection is on-time and running smoothly 
    • Practice fields are monitored to ensure they are shared amongst teams
    • Skills opens on time and teams are reminded of their closing time 
      • All teams have the opportunity to run 3 driver and 3 autonomous attempts
    • Event schedule and timing is being followed 
      • Qualifications begin and end on time
      • Judging concludes after qualifying matches
      • Alliance selections are completed
      • Finals matches are a quality experience for teams
    • Awards 
      • Correct teams are announced
      • Double check worlds qualifying spots before they are announced


  • Post event communications
    • Thank teams for attending
    • Event survey to teams and volunteers
  • Event debrief
    • What worked
    • What didn’t work
    • Jumpstart for next year

For a detailed checklist use the Event Planning Checklist. This checklist includes information related to VIQRC, VRC, and VEX U events, so not all tasks will apply to your event. It’s highly recommended to complete the tasks for your event program type in the suggested timeline. This will help spread out the tasks so that event planning is not overwhelming, and ensure everything is ready for your event.

Volunteer Management

Key Volunteers

The event experience for teams can be a positive or a negative one depending on the quality of the Key Volunteers you recruit. Recruitment of Key Volunteers (Head Referees, Emcees, and Judge Advisors) should happen during the year. Key Volunteers should attend any prior events the Event Partner hosts so the entire team understands how the overall event will operate. This will also ensure that Key Volunteers are comfortable with the role they have selected for the Event Region Championship.

Judge Advisor

A Certified Judge Advisor must have experience in that same role at a VEX World Championship, Signature Event, or Event Region Championship in the current or previous season, or have experience in that role at 2 or more qualifying events that season. The Certified Judge Advisor must read and agree to follow the Judges Guide and official REC Foundation judging processes. To find additional judges, reach out to local universities and industries in your area for additional judge volunteers. Experienced volunteer judges can be paired with inexperienced judges for a quality experience all around. There should be a minimum of one pair of judges for every eight teams. It is imperative that all judges at an Event Region Championship are not associated with any teams that are competing, which will eliminate any perceived bias. Check out the document on preparing and recruiting judges for additional information. 


The Emcees will set the tone of your event. They should be enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the current game. They will help keep the matches running on time and provide crowd control when things don’t go according to plan. Be on the lookout for good Emcees as events happen during the year and reach out to other Event Partners for recommendations. 

Head Referees

At least 1 Certified Head Referee must have experience in that same role at a VEX World Championship, Signature Event, or Event Region Championship in the current or previous season, or have experience in that role at 2 or more qualifying events that season. They should be confident in their knowledge of both the game manual and the Q&A. They can arbitrate disputes fairly and quickly deescalate arguments.

General Volunteers

Volunteers are the key to a successful event and a stress free day for you. They are the heart and soul of the events. It is imperative you treat your volunteers like family. Make them feel special and they will come back year to year. This will allow you to have a consistent and trained volunteer team at your events. You can find more information on recruiting, training, care and appreciation of volunteers by visiting our event volunteer section.

Team Experience

The Event Region Championship is a competitive experience for teams, but is also a celebration for teams who have qualified. Keeping the overall experience of spectators, coaches, and students in mind will go a long way in making this a memorable experience. Attendees should get excited as soon as they walk in the door. Not everything has to be done at once. Just adding a few touches each year can really go a long way and elevate the experience. 

Pit Areas

  • Consider pipe and drape
  • Encourage pit decorations
  • Support positive interactions between teams

Opening and Closing Ceremonies

  • Colorful lighting and LEDs
  • Smokeless fog machine
  • Parade of machines/teams
  • Staging
  • Crowd involvement and excitement
  • Guest speakers

Competition Areas

  • Colorful lighting and LEDs
  • Raised fields
  • Designated shirts for Head Referees and Scorekeeper Referees
  • Event trophies on display


Hosting an Event Region Championship will require a larger than normal event budget. Consider:

  • Offering sponsorship opportunities to industry and businesses
  • Applying for grants and rent until you can buy