Remote Judging Recommendations

The Event Partner has the discretion to conduct remote team interviews in several different formats. Please reach out to your REC Foundation Manager for resources and assistance.

  • Remote team interviews may be conducted in an electronic meeting format prior to or during the event. 
  • Digitally submitted Engineering Notebooks may be submitted and judged prior to the event or printed and submitted at the event.
  • The Event Partner has the discretion to create a system for scheduling remote team interviews. 
  • Remote team interviews may be conducted at the event in a separate room where at least 3 adults are present, one of which is a coach or mentor from the team being interviewed. The coach or mentor should not contribute to student responses.
  • Remote team interviews may be conducted by live streaming Judges from a remote location with teams at the event. Teams would be interviewed in an appropriate location.

Remote Judging Requirements

The Engineering Notebook Rubric and Team Interview Rubric must be used for both remote and in-person judging. All qualifying events must use the award descriptions, rubrics, and scoring sheets outlined in the Judging process articles and may not use substitutes. 

The remote judging environment is at the discretion of the Event Partner with the following stipulations: 

  • The REC Foundation Manager must have access to view remote judging sessions.
  • Access to the remote judging session shall be restricted such that it cannot be accessed or viewed by the public (i.e., the session must be password protected or by invitation only).
  • Two adults (18+ years old) who are not team members and not Judges must be present for the duration of the session. 
    • One adult must be the Event Partner or an event administrator. 
    • The other adult must be the team’s Primary Contact as listed in, or a designee. If the team is using an adult designee, the team’s Primary Contact must provide the name, email address, and phone number of the designee to the Event Partner prior to the session or by the deadline provided by the Event Partner.
  • These two adults must be in the remote session before students are allowed to connect. The two adults must be present for the duration of the session.
  • Once the interview begins, only the student team members and the judges may speak. Non-Judging adults, such as Event Partners, event administrators, the Primary Contact or adult designee may not participate in the interview.
  • No recordings in any form may be made of the judging interview.